America’s Got Talent 2023, Contestants Name, AGT Star Cast, Line-up, History, Host Name

America’s Got Talent 2023 – The show America’s Got Talent is back with AGT All-Stars. This show is a spin-off of the original series, which is popular for its talent competitions. The show features different talent from all over the United States. AGT All Stars will have different acts from previous seasons of America’s Got Talent and other acts across the Got Talent franchise. There will be different winners, finalists, fan favorites, and other acts featured on AGT All Stars.

America’s Got Talent 2023

America’s Got Talent: All-Stars is a show that features talented people from around the United States. It was aired on NBC on January 2, 2023.  America’s Got Talent: All-Stars will have one winner. The winner of America’s Got Talent: All-Stars will get a $500,000 prize. Terry Crews and Simon Cowell will be the hosts of America’s Got Talent: All-Stars. Heidi Klum, Howie Mandel, and other judges will also be judging the show.

Howie Mandel, Heidi Klum, and Simon Cowell serve as judges on this spin-off series. while Terry Crews is the host and the show’s presenter. Ten people participate each week (preliminary) in this season. While those who earn a Golden Buzzer in each preliminary round advance to the grand finale and compete for the Superfans’ vote are the ones who do not. Regarding the start date and time, the premiere of AGT All Stars will be on January 2, 2023, at 8/7c.

America’s Got Talent 2023

America’s Got Talent 2023 Overview

Show Name AGT All-Stars
Channel NBC
Produced By Syco Entertainment
Presented by Terry Crews
Judges Howie Mandel
Heidi Klum
Simon Cowell
Start Date January 2nd, 2023
Telecast Time Mondays at 8/7c
Repeat Telecast
Genre Reality
Talent contest
Category Entertainment

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America’s Got Talent All-Star Release Date2023

America’s Got Talent: All-Stars will be premiering on Monday, January 2, 2023, at 8 p.m. ET/PT on NBC.

AGT All Stars Cast

Sr No. Contestant Name Act History Week Status
1 Alan Silva Aerialist AGT: S15 – Grand-finalist Week 1 Eliminated
2 Aneeshwar Kunchala Poet BGT: S15 – Finalist Week 1 Eliminated
3 Berywam Beat-boxing Group AGT: S14 – Quarter-finalist; FGT: S13 – Third Place Week 1 Eliminated
4 Bello Sisters Acrobatic Trio AGT: S15 – Finalist Week 1 Finalist
5 Calysta Bevier Singer AGT: S11 – Semi-finalist Week 1 Eliminated
6 Jeanick Fournier Singer CGT: S2 – Winner Week 1 Eliminated
7 Jimmie Herrod Singer AGT: S16 – Finalist Week 1 Eliminated
8 Light Balance Kids Light-Up Dance Group UGT: S9 – Participant; AGT: S14 – Finalist; DS: S15 – Finalist Week 1 Finalist
9 Lioz Shem Tov Comedy Mentalist IsGT: S1 – Semi-finalist; AGT: S13 – Participant; AuGT: S9 – Grand-finalist; FGT: S14 – Participant; BGT: S14 – Participant Week 1 Eliminated
10 Terry Fator Ventriloquist AGT: S2 – Winner Week 1 Eliminated
11 Aidan Bryant Aerialist AGT: S16 – Runner-up Week 2 Finalist
12 Detroit Youth Choir 🌟 Choir AGT: S14 – Runner-up Week 2 Finalist
13 Divyansh & Manuraj Beatboxer and Flautist IGT: S9 – Winner Week 2 Eliminated
14 Dustin Tavella Magician AGT: S16 – Winner Week 2 Eliminated
15 Jackie Fabulous Stand-up Comedian AGT: S14 – Quarter-finalist Week 2 Eliminated
16 Jamie Leahey Ventriloquist BGT: S15 – Runner-up Week 2 Eliminated
17 Malevo Malambo Dance Group AGT: S11 – Semi-finalist Week 2 Eliminated
18 Sara James Singer AGT: S17 – Finalist Week 2 Eliminated
19 Tone the Chief Rapper AGT: S8 – Semi-finalist Week 2 Eliminated
20 Vitoria Bueno Dancer DS: S15 – Runner-up Week 2 Eliminated
21 Avery Dixon Saxophonist AGT: S17 – Finalist Week 3 Finalist
22 Bir Khalsa Danger Group AGT: S14 – Quarter-finalist; AuGT: S10 – Semi-finalist Week 3 Eliminated
23 Captain Ruin Knife Thrower AuGT: S9 – Semi-finalist Week 3 Eliminated
24 Dance Town Family Dance Group AGT: S15 – Semi-finalist Week 3 Eliminated
25 Dustin’s Dojo Comedy Karate Group AGT: S9 – Participant Week 3 Eliminated
26 Keiichi Iwasaki Magician ItGT: S7 – Semi-finalist; SGT: S3 – Finalist; BuGT: S11 – Finalist; DS: S15 – Finalist; BGT: S15 – Semi-finalist Week 3 Eliminated
27 Keren Montero Singer DGT: S2 – Winner Week 3 Eliminated
28 Mike E. Winfield Stand-Up Comedian AGT: S17 – Finalist Week 3 Finalist
29 Peter Antoniou Mentalist AGT: S16 – Semi-finalist Week 3 Eliminated
30 Viviana Rossi Aerialist RT: S10 – Participant; AGT: S17 – Participant Week 3 Eliminated
31 Aidan McCann Magician BGT: S14 – Finalist Week 4 Finalist
32 Cristina Rae Singer AGT: S15 – Third Place Week 4 Eliminated
33 Darius Mabda Dancer RT: S12 – Winner Week 4 Eliminated
34 Emil and Dariel Cello Duo AGT: S9 – Finalist Week 4 Eliminated
35 Human Fountains Novelty Water-spitting Act AGT: S14 – Quarter-finalist Week 4 Eliminated
36 Mini Droids Drone Precision Group BeGT: S7 – Winner Week 4 Eliminated
37 Ndlovu Youth Choir Choir AGT: S14 – Finalist Week 4 Eliminated
38 Power Duo Contemporary Dance Duo PGT: S5 – Winner; AsGT: S3 – Third Place Week 4 Finalist
39 Robert Finley Singer AGT: S14 – Semi-finalist Week 4 Eliminated
40 The Sacred Riana Horror Illusionist AsGT: S2 – Winner; AGT: S13 – Quarter-finalist; BGTC: S1 – Participant; FGT: S17 – Semi-finalist Week 4 Eliminated
41 Ana Maria Mărgean Ventriloquist RT: S11 – Winner Week 5 Competing
42 Archie Williams Singer AGT: S15 – Finalist Week 5 Competing
43 Axel Blake Comedian BGT: S15 – Winner Week 5 Competing
44 Jasper Cherry Magician BGT: S14 – Finalist Week 5 Competing
45 Mandy Harvey Singer & Ukulelist AGT: S12 – Grand-finalist Week 5 Competing
46 Mervant Vera Magician & Rapper AGT: S17 – Semi-finalist Week 5 Competing
47 Peter Rosalita Singer AGT: S16 – Semi-finalist Week 5 Competing
48 Tom Ball Singer BGT: S15 – Third Place Week 5 Competing
49 World Taekwondo Martial Arts Group ItGT: S11 – Finalist; AGT: S16 – Finalist; FGT: S16 – Finalist Week 5 Competing
50 Yumbo Dump Comic Duo AsGT: S2 – Semi-finalist; AGT: S13 – Quarter-finalist; FGT: S14 – Semi-finalist; DS: S13 – Finalist; IsGT: S2 – Participant; GrGT: S7 – Participant Week 5 Competing
51 Brandon Leake Poet AGT: S15 – Winner Week 6 Competing
52 Brett Loudermilk Sword Swallower AGT: S15 – Semi-finalist Week 6 Competing
53 Daneliya Tuleshova Singer AGT: S15 – Finalist Week 6 Competing
54 Eric Chien Magician AsGT: S3 – Winner; AGT: S14 – Semi-finalist; ChGT: S7 – Finalist; BGTUM: S1 – Winner Week 6 Competing
55 Flau’jae Rapper AGT: S13 – Quarter-finalist Week 6 Competing
56 Josh Blue Stand-up Comedian AGT: S16 – Third Place Week 6 Competing
57 Kodi Lee Singer AGT: S14 – Winner Week 6 Competing
58 Lukas & Falco Dog Act DS: S7 – Winner; AGT: S14 – Semi-finalist Week 6 Competing
59 Sethward Novelty Act AGT: S13 – Participant; AGT: S14 – Participant; AGT: S16 – Quarter-finalist; AGT: S17 – Participant Week 6 Competing
60 Voices of Hope Children’s Choir Choir AGT: S13 – Semi-finalist Week 6 Competing

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Got Talent History Key

  • AGT — America’s Got Talent
  • AsGT – Asia’s Got Talent
  • AuGT — Australia’s Got Talent
  • BGT — Britain’s Got Talent
  • BGTC — Britain’s Got Talent: The Champions
  • BeGT — Belgium’s Got Talent
  • BuGT – Bulgaria’s Got Talent
  • CGT — Canada’s Got Talent
  • ChGT – China’s Got Talent
  • DGT — Dominicana’s Got Talent
  • DS — Das Supertalent
  • FGT — France’s Got Talent
  • GrGT – Greece’s Got Talent
  • IGT — India’s Got Talent
  • IsGT – Israel’s Got Talent
  • ItGT – Italia’s Got Talent
  • PGT — Pilipinas Got Talent
  • RT — Romania’s Got Talent
  • SGT – Got Talent España
  • UGT – Ukraine’s Got Talent

Judges of America’s Got Talent All-Star 2023

The adored AGT judges Simon Cowell and Heidi Klum will be on the panel for the upcoming season. The announcement that the highly anticipated series would once again have a three-person judging panel shocked fans. In addition to producing movies and television shows, Simon Cowell is the executive producer of America’s Got Talent. He is a genuine global entertainment icon.

Heidi Klum is a well-known model, producer, television host, entrepreneur, and German-American. With the exception of 2019, she has been the judge in charge of AGT since 2013. Canadian comedian, actor, producer, and television personality Howie Mandel is well-known. He has been a judge on NBC’s America’s Got Talent since 2010.

Host Name of America’s Got Talent All-Star

Terry Crews will be returning to host America’s Got Talent: All-Stars. This is after he served as a host for America’s Got Talent: The Champions spin-off series.

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