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Bigg Boss 18 Voting Poll:- Here is the complete details about Bigg Boss Colors Voting process steps and method: The much awaited 18th Season of Colors TV Bigg Boss reality show has been started on 15th October 2024. The online poll for weekly eviction nominees will be available on week day. Viewers can cast their vote in to save favorite contestant in the show. Bigg Boss Voting season 18, Online Poll step by step, app method, Eviction Detail.

Bigg Boss 18 Voting (Online Poll) Details – How to Vote Online?

After a huge success in Bigg Boss Season 18, Bigg Boss Hindi is now its 18th Season in this year 2024. Yes, Bigg Boss Season 18 has been started from 15th Oct 2024 and airs on Colors Tv Channel with Jiocinema app (on this app they provide latest full extra dose video, uncut Undekha scenes with uncensored video clips) and the show is hosting by Salman Khan AKA SALLU BHAI. Bigg Boss 18 also feature its voting process like previous season. All contestants celebrities for BB 18 has been finalized. Bigg Boss 18 Voting Polls has been set on Jiocinema. So, Bigg Boss audience, get ready to participate in Bigg Boss 18 Jio cinema Voting. As the last season, Bigg Boss 18 voting will occur in an online way. Voting will available from Jiotv, colors TV official website. So, check how to vote for BB 18 Contestants.

Bigg Boss 18 Voting

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So, if you have come here while searching for Bigg Boss Voting or Bigg Boss 18 Live Voting then you have landed at the perfect place. As here I’ll tell you the easiest processes for Bigg Boss Season 18 Votings.

In the show, Every week housemates will nominate unfit contestant for eviction and they will be featured for public poll. Viewers are eligible to vote in official website and jiocinema mobile app. To know more details, follow below steps for Bigg Boss 18 voting.

As you know the BB17 show has been premiered on 15th October 2024 on jiocinema App. So, here In this post you’ll get to know about Bigg Boss S17 Voting Process, Bigg Boss Voting Polls, Bigg Boss 18 Contestants and Eliminations.

Bigg Boss 18 Voting Polls

You have the option to view the roster of Bigg Boss contestants who have been nominated for eviction in the ongoing week. Feel free to bookmark this page for easy access to the list of nominated contestants throughout the Bigg Boss season.

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This resource is designed for individuals who may have missed the nomination episode, allowing them to revisit and stay updated on the contestants facing elimination each week.

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Bigg Boss 18 Contestants 2024

Interested in learning about the contestants of Bigg Boss Season 18? Here’s the comprehensive roster of Bigg Boss 2020 contestants. Discover in-depth information about each participant, including their professions and more. We’ll be providing detailed profiles of each contestant in dedicated articles. Name Profession
1 Vicky Jain Businessman
2 Ankita Lokhande Television Actress
3 Sana Khan Criminal Lawyer
4 Anurag Dobhal YouTuber
5 Jigna Vora Journalist
6 Navid Sole Pharmacist
7 Aishwarya Sharma Television Actress
8 Neil Bhatt Television Actor
9 Munawar Faruqui Comedian
10 Mannara Chopra Actress
11 Soniya Bansal Actress
12 Firoza Khan Rapper
13 Sunny Arya YouTuber
14 Isha Malviya Television Actress
15 Abhishek Kumar Television Actor
16 Arun Mashettey YouTuber
17 Rinku Dhawan Actress

Bigg Boss 18 Voting Online Methods – Step by Step

Are you ready to participate in the exciting Bigg Boss 18 voting process? Here’s a comprehensive guide to help you navigate the various voting methods and stay updated on voting predictions for Bigg Boss Season 18.

For Bigg Boss 18 voting, two top platforms are recommended: Jiocinema App and the ColorsTV website. Additionally, is an excellent website that provides a complete voting experience, including polls and real-time voting results.

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How to Vote for Bigg Boss 18 Eviction Nominees?

  1. Visit the official Jiocinema website at
  2. Register on the site by entering your name, email address, and a password.
  3. After registration, log in to Jiocinema.
  4. Select the ‘Bigg Boss 18’ option from the menu and click on ‘Vote now.’
  5. Choose the contestant you want to save from eviction and click ‘Submit.’

Bigg Boss – Mobile App Voting Method Details

To vote for your favorite contestant using the mobile app, follow these steps:

  1. Download the Jiocinema app on your Android or iOS device.
  2. Register on the app by providing your name, email address, and a password.
  3. After registration, log in to the Jiocinema app.
  4. Select the ‘Bigg Boss 18’ option from the menu and click on ‘Vote now.’
  5. Choose the contestant you wish to save from eviction and click ‘Submit.’

How to Vote for Bigg Boss 18 via MyJio App?

For Myjio App users, here’s how to cast your vote:

  1. Download the Myjio App from the Google Play Store on your smartphone.
  2. Sign up on the Myjio App using your Jio number and create a password.
  3. Once your account is set up, log in to the Myjio App.
  4. Click on the ‘Bigg Boss 18 Vote‘ banner.
  5. Select your preferred contestant’s image and cast your vote.

Bigg Boss 18 Voting Prediction

We also offer a voting prediction poll for Bigg Boss 18, featuring all the contestants of this season. You can simply vote for your favorite contestant, the one you believe should win the Bigg Boss Season 18 Trophy.

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Make sure to check our site daily for instant updates on Bigg Boss 18 and the voting trends. If you enjoyed this post, don’t forget to share it with your friends. We’ve got all your questions about Bigg Boss 18 voting lines in 2024, voting polls, online voting, and voting trends covered.

Bigg Boss 18 Elimination/ Eliminated Contestant

Eliminated Contestants Are:

Below is the list of contestants who got evicted from Bigg Boss Season 18 house week wise.

Week Contestants
Week 1 No Eviction
Week 2 Soniya Bansal
Week 3 Manasvi Mamgai
Week 4 NA
Week 5 NA
Week 6 NA

Bigg Boss Voting Results for Season 17

Welcome to our live weekly nomination results poll. We continuously update this section to provide you with the most current list of nominated contestants. You can return here daily to check the live poll results, and on Sundays, the official nomination results are declared. By following this poll, you can get a good sense of which contestant is likely to face elimination.

Additionally, we offer a voting poll where you can cast your vote for your preferred contestant each week. Simply select the contestant you wish to support, click on their name, and vote. Please be aware that this is an unofficial poll designed to engage the audience in predicting the elimination outcome even before the official announcement by the host. We’ll also guide you through the official Bigg Boss voting methods.

Here is the Bigg Boss vote poll for Bigg Boss Season 18 (Hindi). It allows you to gauge the popularity and audience favoritism for contestants. With the Bigg Boss vote poll, you can anticipate the potential winner of the Bigg Boss title.

Bigg Boss Prize Money

This poll serves as a valuable tool for the audience, as official Bigg Boss voting results may not be immediately available. On our website, you can see the results right after voting, eliminating the need to wait. Feel free to share this page with your friends and family to encourage them to vote for their favorite contestants and witness the results in real-time.

Bigg Boss Vote Rules & Regulations

A Complete list of Bigg Boss Hindi rules and regulations is given below. The Colours TV telecasts this show from Monday to Sunday.

  • The contestants of Bigg Boss 18 are asked to reveal their Criminal background and Active cases if any.
  • Huge Penalty should be paid if any contestant tries to leave the Bigg Boss house during the show.
  • The episodes video will not be edited on contestants’ demand.
  • None of the Bigg Boss 18 contestants are allowed to meet other participants of the show before they enter the Bigg Boss house.
  • The show will be conducted for 170 days, and the entire house will be monitored.
  • The contestants will be given a weekly payment which will depend on the elimination round.
  • Physical Violence is strictly prohibited in the eleventh season of Salman Khan’s reality show.
  • Each contestant will be equal inside the Bigg Boss house be it a celebrity or a commoner.
  • The contestant will have to pay a hefty penalty if any contestant breaks the rule of the Bigg Boss house.
  • The contestant will not be allowed to use any devices like Mobile, Television, the Internet, Social media and phone calls. They should not know about the outside happenings.
  • Every week, Housemates should nominate two of the other participants for eviction, From that, the housemate who gets the most number of nomination will have to go for the public response by voting.
  • The contestants who got less number of the votes from the public will leave the house.
  • At last, three contestants will be remaining, and the voting poll will be conducted to select the winner.
  • In the Indian version of Bigg Boss, celebrities are chosen as contestants and no general public are involved.
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Bigg Boss 18 Vote Faq’s

What is Bigg Boss Show?

Bigg Boss is a popular Indian reality TV show where a group of contestants, often celebrities from various fields, live together in a specially designed house for a specified duration. The show is known for its unique format, which includes tasks, challenges, and eliminations, while the contestants are constantly under surveillance. The primary aim is to test their interpersonal skills, endurance, and ability to cope with the complexities of communal living, all while being watched by the audience.

How many ways are there for Bigg Boss voting?

There are typically multiple ways to vote in Bigg Boss, including: Online Voting: Through the official website or mobile apps like Jiocinema App and ColorsTV website. Mobile App Voting: Using the designated apps, such as the Jiocinema app. SMS Voting: Via text messages with contestant-specific codes. Missed Call Voting: By giving a missed call to the assigned numbers for your preferred contestant. Voting through Social Media: On some occasions, votes can be cast through social media platforms like Twitter or Facebook.

What is the elimination process in Bigg Boss?

In Bigg Boss, the elimination process is a key element of the show. Contestants nominate each other for eviction, and the audience plays a vital role in deciding who stays and who leaves. The eviction process typically involves tallying the votes received by each contestant and announcing the contestant with the least number of votes as the one to be eliminated. This process occurs weekly, and contestants are gradually evicted until a winner is determined.

How to vote in Bigg Boss Voting 17 Online?

To vote in Bigg Boss Voting 17 Online, follow these steps: Visit the official website of Bigg Boss or download the relevant voting app (e.g., Jiocinema App). Register or log in to your account on the website or app. Navigate to the 'Bigg Boss Voting' section. Choose the contestant you want to vote for and click on 'Submit' or follow the specified voting procedure. Your vote will be counted in favor of your selected contestant. Please note that the exact process may vary from season to season, so it's essential to follow the specific instructions provided by the show's organizers during the current season.

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