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Budget Highlights – The Union Budget for the year 2024 is all set to be announced by Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman. The budget is a key document that sets the tone for the upcoming fiscal year and lays down the government’s priorities. It will also provide insights into the government’s economic policies and strategies for the coming year. In this blog, we’ll provide you with a sneak peak at some of the key announcements that are set to be made in the budget, as well as give you a snapshot of what to expect from the government in terms of economic development over the next year. So stay tuned.

In this blog post, we’ll explore the likely tax and economic reforms that we can expect in this budget. We’ll look at the key areas of taxation that are likely to be changed, as well as the potential effects on the economy. We’ll also provide a brief overview of the budgetary process and what to expect from this year’s budget. So whether you’re a business owner or an individual looking to plan for the future, this blog post is essential reading.

Budget 2024 Highlights

Parliament makes important decisions that affect the economy during the Budget Session. These decisions include how much money will be spent on different areas, and what will be the government’s priorities. Every year, the finance minister of a country presents the Union Budget. This budget is important for the economy and growth of the country. The Union Budget is especially important because it is the first step in setting the government’s spending plans for the upcoming year. This year, finance minister Nirmala Sitharaman will present the Budget at the Parliament on behalf of the Narendra Modi-led central government.

The Budget is a document that shows how the government plans to spend its money for the year. It is also a way for the government to show its support for various programs and projects. The budget is a document that shows how much money the organization plans to spend in a specific year. The budget is also known as the General Budget or Economic Survey. It’s a report that shows how much money the organization plans to spend in a specific year. Sitharaman will present the Budget for the fourth time in Parliament. This year, the Parliament is likely to focus on the Covid-19 pandemic. Sitharaman has presented the Budget for Parliament four times in total. This year, the session is likely to focus on the Covid-19 pandemic.

Budget 2024 Highlights

Union Budget Overview

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About Budget 2024

The Union Budget is the annual budget of the Indian government. It is presented in Parliament by the Finance Minister of India. The Union Budget is an important document that sets out the government’s financial plans for the upcoming year. The Union Budget is a document that is produced by the government of India every year. It usually has details about the government’s plans for spending, taxation, and economic growth. It is also an opportunity for the government to outline its vision for the country and to set out its plans for stimulating the economy. . The Union Budget is a document that the government releases every year. It contains information about how the government plans to spend its money in the upcoming year. The Union Budget also tells us which sectors of society will get the most funding from the government. This document is very important because it helps to decide how we will all live our lives.

Union Budget Highlights

The Union Budget 2024 will be presented on 1st February 2024 by the Finance Minister, Nirmala Sitharaman. we will update this section after Budget 2024 announced. till then read last year budget’s key highlights. The Union Budget 2021 is a set of financial policies that the Indian government has put into place. The Union Budget 2021 mainly focuses on increasing infrastructure development and improving the welfare of the people in India.

IPL Auction 2024

Budget 2024 Expect In This budget

Salaried individuals make up a large percentage of taxpayers. In 2022, nearly 50% of the ITRs filed were ITR-1 by salaried class individuals. The income tax department says that in 2022, a large number of salaried class individuals filed ITRs. These are individual tax returns that are used to calculate taxes. Salaried employees at the company hope that this year’s budget will be better than last year’s. Salaried employees also want the company to uphold its promises, such as providing a fair salary and benefits package. Salaried employees at the company are not happy with the recent budgets. They feel that they have been hit hard by the new taxes and that their expectations were not met. Salaried employees at the company have few positive things to say about the last few budgets. They hope for better things in the future.

Tax Exemption Limit:

The current tax exemption limit of Rs.2.5 lakh should be increased to Rs 5 lakh. This is because inflation has increased, and thus the value of the money has also increased. The current tax exemption limit of Rs.2.5 lakh has not changed in the last four years, even though inflation has gone up. Therefore, the government should increase the limit to Rs 5 lakh so that people have more money to save and invest in the economy.

Increased Standard Deduction

The government is considering increasing the standard deduction limit for tax purposes. This would mean that people who make less money would have more money taken away from their taxes. The government is considering increasing the standard deduction limit from Rs 50,000 to Rs 1,00,000 in this budget. This would make it easier for people to keep more of their money.

Decluttering Section 80C

Section 80C of the Income Tax Act currently offers a variety of investment options. There are many different investment options that are available through Section 80C of the Income Tax Act. This includes things like the Public Provident Fund, Employee Provident Fund, National Pension System, Fixed Deposits, and home loan repayment. The deduction limit for investments has been lowered from Rs 2.5 lakh to Rs 1.5 lakh. This means that people are not allowed to save as much money on their taxes this year. Over the past few years, the amount people can save on their taxes has decreased because incomes have risen significantly.

This means that there is not as much room for people to save money on their taxes. The government should review the investment options orraise the deduction limit from Rs 1.5 lakh. This will ensure that people have enough money to pay for their medical insurance premiums. People who are taxpayers should be allowed to deduct the cost of their medical insurance premiums from their taxes. This will help them save money on their bills.

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The government may increase the deduction limit for medical expenses and hospitalization costs. This would allow people to deduct more money from their taxes. The government may increase the deduction limit for medical expenses and hospitalization costs. This would allow people to deduct more money from their taxes.

Reduced Surcharge Rate

The surcharge rate of 37% brings the tax to 42.744% for people earning more than Rs.5 crores. It is time for the government to rationalize and revisit the surcharge rates.

Validity of other Deductions

31st March 2024 is the last date to claim deductions like 80EEA (interest on housing loan) and 80EEB (interest on electric vehicle loan). We can expect to see a 2-year extension on these deductions.

Reviewing Children’s Education and Hostel Allowance

How much do you think a child’s education would cost today? The Child Education and Hostel Allowance have remained the same at Rs.100 and Rs.300 per child per month for over 20 years. The government should consider raising the limits to Rs.1,000 and Rs.3,000 per child per month, respectively.

How To Check Union Budget 2024 PDF?

Topic Download
Budget at a Glance (Full) PDF
Budget Speech PDF
Deficit Statistics PDF
Transfer of Resources to States and Union Territories with Legislature PDF
Budget Profile PDF
Receipts PDF
Expenditure PDF
Outlay on Major Schemes PDF
Statement I – Consolidated Fund of India Download
  • Revenue Account – Receipts
  • Revenue Account – Disbursements
  • Capital Account – Receipts
  • Capital Account – Disbursements
Statement IA – Disbursements ‘Charged’ on the Consolidated Fund of India PDF
Statement II – Contingency Fund of India – Net PDF
Statement III – Public Account of India Download
  • Receipts
  • Disbursements
  • Receipts & Expenditure of Union Territories without Legislature
Finance Bill PDF
Budget Highlights (Key Features) PDF
Memorandum to the Finance Bill 2024 PDF
Expenditure Budget PDF
Receipt Budget PDF

Who Presented The Union Budget 2024?

The Finance Minister, Nirmala Sitharaman, will present the Union Budget on 1 February (Wednesday). This is Sitharaman’s fifth Union Budget in a row. Like the other two budgets, Union Budget 2024-24 will also be delivered in paperless form. The paperless delivery of Union Budget 2024-24 is another step towards making it easier for people to understand and use the budget.

(Union) Budget 2024 Date And Time

On Tuesday, 1st February 2024, the Union Finance Minister Smt. Nirmala Sitharaman will announce the Union Budget for the upcoming fiscal year. The Union Budget 2024 will outline how much money the government will be spending in each sector of the economy. It will also show where money will be given to different groups in society. The Union Budget is very important for all Indians because it sets the budget for the government. The Union Budget is a very important document because it decides how much money each department will get.

Union Budget Session 2024 Dates
First half of Budget Session starts from January 31, 2024
First half of Budget Session concludes on February 11, 2024
Union Budget Presentation February 1, 2024
Second half of Budget Session starts from From March 14, 2024
Second half of Budget Session concludes on April 8, 2024

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Where Can I Watch Union Budget Live 2024?

The Lok Sabha is set to broadcast the Budget of India for the year 2024 in a live session. The Budget of India can also be watched live on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. In addition to being aired live on Lok Sabha TV, the debate on the proposal to amend the Constitution can also be watched on social media platforms. The debate on the proposal to amend the Constitution is also available on social media platforms for people to watch. The live broadcast of the launch will be seen by many people. The live broadcast of the launch will be seen by a lot of people.

The finance minister will present the budget in Parliament on February 1 at 11 a.m. The budget is a document that outlines the government’s plans for the upcoming year. The Budget presentation can last anywhere from 90 minutes to 120 minutes. It all depends on how much information the presenter wants to share about the budget for the upcoming year. In 2017, the finance minister’s speech lasted for 2 hours and 40 minutes. This was the longest speech in India’s independent history. The finance minister’s speech last year was very long.

What Is Growth Recession & Why Should The Government Worry About It? Budget 2024

Growth recession is a term used to describe a time when the economy experiences slower growth than usual. The term was first coined by economist Paul Samuelson in 1972, and it has been used in academic literature since then. . A growth recession is a situation where the economy slows down, and this can mean a decrease in government revenue. This happens because people lose their jobs, and their income decreases. Another reason the government should be worried about growth recession is because it can lead to more poverty and inequality. This is because people who are already struggling can lose even more money when the economy slows down. The main reason why risky projects can be risky is because they can lead to people losing their jobs and incomes.

Another reason why risky projects might be risky is because it can lead to increased borrowing costs. This means that investors might be less likely to invest in them. Another reason why risky projects might be risky is because it can cause social unrest. The fourth risk is that companies might reduce their investment in new products and services. This could have negative consequences for the economy as a whole. Companies are often scared to invest in new products or services because of the risk that they might not be successful.

However, this risk should not be taken lightly, as it could have a big impact on the economy. Fifth, the risk of financial crises can increase as businesses have trouble repaying their debts. Sixth, the risk of risk management can lead to a decline in consumer spending as prices go up or inflation increases.

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Budget 2024 Live Update

  • 10:50 PM IST

    Budget 2024 at a glance – your definitive, quick guide to one and a half hours of FM speech

  • 10:47 PM IST

    What exactly are green bonds that FM announced in the budget and how are they issued?

  • 10:42 PM IST

    What has become cheaper and what’s more expensive; check full list here

  • 10:40 PM IST

    Equities have their day in the sun as dark clouds circle

  • 10:39 PM IST

    Budget 2024 will double farmers’ income, benefit MSMEs, says PM Modi

  • 10:37 PM IST

    Lack of private capex led to spending push in budget, will help lenders: Bankers

  • 10:36 PM IST

    Health sector sees 45% drop in proposed expenses, allocation up 0.2%

  • 10:34 PM IST

    Finance Minister steers clear of announcements for five poll-bound states

  • 10:27 PM IST

    Crypto gets a backdoor entry in India

  • 10:27 PM IST

    Budget 2024: AVGC taskforce to boost employment, give regularity clarity, say gaming industry experts

  • 10:22 PM IST

    Budget 2024 | Here’s what Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman said about taxing cryptocurrencies

  • 10:20 PM IST

    Union Budget 2024 | Civil aviation gets Rs 10,667 crore but sees no relief from cost headwinds

  • 10:20 PM IST

    What the finance minister is doing ‘indirectly’ for consumption

  • 10:18 PM IST

    Budget 2024 | After FM’s remark on LIC IPO, secretary of DIPAM says ‘DRHP likely in two weeks’

  • 10:16 PM IST

    MC Interview | No mention of any tax reforms for bonds can be seen as unfavourable for market, says Navin Agarwal of Motilal Oswal AMC

  • 10:15 PM IST

    From digital currency to e-passports, Budget 2024 opens up more opportunities for Indian IT sector

  • 10:13 PM IST

    Budget 2024 | India may become $5 trillion economy by 2025-26: CEA Nageswaran

  • 10:11 PM IST

    Budget 2024: Capital expenditure sees 35.4 percent rise to Rs 7.50 lakh crore for FY’23

  • 10:11 PM IST

     A mixed bag for startups

  • 10:09 PM IST

    Union Budget 2024 | 6 hidden money changes that finance minister did not spell out

  • 10:07 PM IST

    Budget 2024 | A look at some major tech boost for digital India

  • 10:05 PM IST

    Employment generation a recurring theme; capex push may create jobs but few misses too

  • 10:05 PM IST

    Nilesh Shah on Budget 2024: Shortest speech with the longest roadmap for the economy

  • 10:02 PM IST

    Focus on drones to help create $5 billion market, operators say

  • 10:01 PM IST

    No respite for restaurants, left to fend for themselves, says NRAI

  • 09:56 PM IST

    Petrol may cost more as additional duty of Rs 2/litre to be imposed on unblended fuel from Oct 1

  • 09:54 PM IST

    A breakdown of the key numbers for FY23

  • 09:38 PM IST

    FM pegs fiscal deficit at 6.4% of GDP for FY23

  • 09:33 PM IST

    1486 union laws repealed to make it easier for businesses

  • 09:31 PM IST

    FM Sitharaman announces Digital Rupee. Here’s how it will work

  • 09:28 PM IST

    All 1.5 lakh post offices in India to be connected to core banking system: Nirmala Sitharaman

  • 09:18 PM IST

    Budget 2024 visionary, says NITI Aayog Vice-Chairman Dr Rajiv Kumar

  • 09:14 PM IST

    Focus on inclusive development, climate action as India enters “Amrit Kaal”, Nirmala Sitharaman

  • 09:04 PM IST

    FM Nirmala Sitharaman proposes to set up 75 digital banking units; link 100% of post offices to Core Banking

  • 08:55 PM IST

    What are e-passports and how will they work?

  • 08:46 PM IST

    Infra, construction stocks rise after govt aims to expand national highway network by 25,000 kms

  • 08:31 PM IST

    Budget growth-oriented, focused on building long term strength: SIAM

  • 08:25 PM IST

    Affordable housing gets major boost

  • 08:17 PM IST

    Govt taking ‘revenge’ on farmers for farm law protests, alleges Yogendra Yadav

  • 08:12 PM IST

    SEZ Act to be replaced with new legislation, says Nirmala Sitharaman

  • 08:08 PM IST

    Centre to set up digital university for students, announces Nirmala Sitharaman

  • 08:03 PM IST

    Paytm, Fino Payments Bank gain on push for digital ecosystem, fintech

  • 07:59 PM IST

    PLI Scheme to be launched for manufacturing in 5G

  • 07:47 PM IST

    Atmanirbhar Bharat Ka Budget brings with it new energy and strength to our development trajectory, tweets PM Modi

  • 07:42 PM IST

    Here’s what Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman said about taxing cryptocurrencies

  • 07:30 PM IST

    Budget 2024 like another “Mann ki Baat” of Centre, says Jharkhand CM Hemant Soren

  • 07:27 PM IST

    Ken-Betwa river-linking project worth Rs 44,605 Cr to be taken up in Bundelkhand, says FM

  • 07:19 PM IST

    Zerodha founder Nithin Kamath decrypts the budget findings on cryptos

  • 07:14 PM IST

    Railways to develop new products for small farmers, MSMEs: Nirmala Sitharaman

  • 07:08 PM IST

    Oberoi Realty, Aavas Financiers rally as housing projects allotted Rs 48,000 crore

  • 06:58 PM IST

    FM Nirmala Sitharaman sets aside Rs 60,000 crore for Jal Jeevan Mission

  • 06:53 PM IST

    Rahul Gandhi anyway has a problem in understanding maths, looks everything with a sum of 0: Piyush Goyal

  • 06:49 PM IST

    PLI scheme for Aatmanirbhar Bharat can create 60 lakh new jobs

  • 06:42 PM IST

    Adani Power, Tata Power rally 3-4% on allocation for hydro and solar projects in FY23

  • 06:37 PM IST

    Budget 2024 allots Rs 1,500 crore for development initiatives in northeast

  • 06:34 PM IST

    Kisan Drones to be used to technologically advance farming sector

  • 06:31 PM IST

    ECLGS scheme extended till March 2024, Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman announces

  • 05:05 PM IST

    Govt will work on amending the SEZ Act, says FM

  • 05:03 PM IST

    India should be a $5 trillion economy in terms of nominal GDP in the FY2025-26, says CEA

  • 04:56 PM IST

    Didn’t raise import duties on intermediary products, raw materials to support manufacturing, says FM

  • 04:52 PM IST

    Green bonds are within govt’s overall market borrowing number, says Finance Secretary TV Somanathan

  • 04:46 PM IST

    Crypto tax to come into effect from from April 1, says Finance Secretary TV Somanathan

  • 04:38 PM IST

    Apologize for not being able to come out with any cut in tax slabs, says FM

  • 04:37 PM IST

    FM hits out Rahul Gandhi, says ‘pity people who comment without thinking’

  • 04:32 PM IST

    Working account-by-account with other countries on sharing of information to bring back black money, says FM

  • 04:30 PM IST

    Inflation has not exceeded 6% target on sustained basis, says FM

  • 04:28 PM IST

    Stakeholder consultations are ongoing on digital asset, says FM

  • 04:25 PM IST

    CapEx target for FY22 is expected to be achieved, says Finance secretary TV Somanathan

  • 04:19 PM IST

    Amount of MSP handed out to farmers to double farmers’ income, says CEA V Anantha Nageswaran

  • 04:08 PM IST

    Higher capital expenditure will create jobs, says FM

  • 04:07 PM IST

    Did not raise taxes last year or this year, says FM

  • 04:05 PM IST

    Cryptocurrencies are not currencies, currency issued by RBI will be digital currency, says FM

  • 04:01 PM IST

    LIC IPO in all probability to go through in FY22, says FM

  • 04:00 PM IST

    Tax estimates not overly excessively optimistic, says FM

  • 03:57 PM IST

    Recognise that hospitality & related sectors have been hit post second wave, says FM

  • 03:53 PM IST

    Post budget press conference by FM Sitharaman begins

  • 03:45 PM IST

    FM Sitharaman to address press post presentation of Budget 2024-23 at 3.45 pm

  • 03:25 PM IST

    Budget will double farmers’ income, says PM Modi

  • 03:18 PM IST

    Congratulate FM Sitharaman for ‘people friendly and progressive budget’, says PM Modi

  • 03:16 PM IST

    This budget brings in new hopes, opportunities for people, says PM Modi

  • 02:59 PM IST

    Rahul Gandhi hits out at Modi govt, refers it as ‘zero sum budget’

  • 02:42 PM IST

    Budget not populist, extremely bullish on India, says Rakesh Jhunjhunwala

  • 02:18 PM IST

    Budget has zero for common people getting crushed by unemployment, says WB CM Mamata Banerjee

  • 01:47 PM IST

    Top budget highlights on taxes sectors-wise

  • 01:17 PM IST

    Unblended fuel to get additional duty, ethanol makers to benefit

  • 01:14 PM IST

    Dalal Street breathes a sigh of relief over LTCG

  • 01:12 PM IST

    CAIT terms Budget as a progressive economic document

  • 12:53 PM IST

    The Finance Minister’s move to cap long term capital gains at 15 percemt is a huge win.

  • 12:30 PM IST

    The huge increase in allocation for renewable energy will provide a significant boost to the fiscal capacity of states.

  • 12:28 PM IST

    The next three years will see 400 new Vande Bharat trains.

  • 12:27 PM IST

    The FM announced that the tax law will be amended to clarify that cess or surcharge on income tax cannot be treated as business expenditure.

  • 12:17 PM IST

    Taxpayers can now avail of a 2-year window to file revised returns

  • 12:13 PM IST

    The fiscal deficit target of 6.4 percent of GDP for FY23 is above expectations.

  • 12:03 PM IST

    Animation, Visual Effects, Gaming, and Comics promotion task force will be set up to build domestic capacity.

  • 11:55 AM IST

    ePassports will be rolled out in 2024-23 for convenience in overseas travel.

  • 11:52 AM IST

    Exclusive EV zones and focus on battery swapping will be good news for the EV sector

  • 11:49 AM IST

    The BSE Power index was up 1.5 percent as Adani Green, Tata Power, Adani Power, BHEL, Siemens, and NTPC rose 1-4 percent.

  • 11:47 AM IST

    FM proposes necessary amendments in IBC structure to promote cross border insolvency resolutions.

  • 11:44 AM IST

    A national tele mental health program will be launched.

  • 11:28 AM IST

    Shares of road construction companies rose sharply after FM said that national highway network will grow by 25,000 km in 2024-23.

  • 11:23 AM IST

    The aim to expand the National Highways network by 15% next fiscal will be a positive for road construction companies.

  • 11:22 AM IST

    Government will encourage innovative ways of financing and faster implementation for building of metro projects.

  • 11:18 AM IST

    PLI Scheme for achieving Aatma Nirbhar Bharat has received excellent response.

  • 11:16 AM IST

    Budget 2024 to focus on 4 pillars – productivity, climate action, financing investments & PM Gati Shakti plan

  • 11:14 AM IST

    Public issue of LIC is expected shortly, others are in line too.

  • 11:00 AM IST

    Will Budget 2024 give more incentives for new tax regime?

  • 10:57 AM IST

    Watch Union Budget 2024 LIVE here

  • 10:55 AM IST

    All eyes on infra push but key is to drive pace of execution

  • 10:50 AM IST

    The strong start to the day on Dalal Street ahead of the Union Budget beckons well for the bulls in India’s equity market.

  • 10:39 AM IST

    Will Budget 2024 increase the standard deduction from Rs 50,000 to Rs 100,000?

  • 10:34 AM IST

    One of the key asks from Indian investors is for the govt to bring in some parity in the way it treats domestic and foreign investors

  • 10:30 AM IST

    Shares of fertiliser companies were up in the range of 2-9 percent in the morning trade ahead of the Budget presentation

  • 10:26 AM IST

    Sensex surges over 800 points, nears 59,000-mark; Nifty climbs 240 points at 17,540.

  • 10:22 AM IST

    India has set lofty clean energy goals and has made decent progress on renewable energy capacity installations.

  • 10:17 AM IST

    Will Budget 2024 give a boost to the real estate sector?

  • 10:09 AM IST

    Could FM Nirmala Sitharaman make way for the inclusion of electricity under the purview of GST?

  • 10:06 AM IST

    Will the FM announce tax relief on medical expenses for individual tax-payers?

  • 10:05 AM IST

    Budget needs to strike balance: Prashant Jain of HDFC AMC

  • 10:05 AM IST

    How varied are CPI-inflation forecasts of RBI, economists?

  • 10:04 AM IST

    Several of the Budget estimates for FY23 will depend on GDP

  • 10:04 AM IST

    Will Budget day belong to infrastructure stocks?

  • 10:04 AM IST

    Will Budget cut income tax rates?

  • 10:03 AM IST

    Economists see a fiscal deficit target of 6.1 percent of GDP being set for FY23

  • 10:00 AM IST

    Cryptocurrency Prices Update

  • 09:54 AM IST

    Cigarette stocks trades flat ahead of budget

  • 09:45 AM IST

    Corporates watch for demand boost & relief for pandemic hit sectors

  • 09:44 AM IST

    Expected IBC amendments in Budget 2024

  • 09:43 AM IST

    Cost inflation in agriculture sector

  • 09:39 AM IST

    An investor’s prelude to the Union Budget for FY23

  • 09:36 AM IST

    Which sectors’ jobs did Covid-19 hack off the most?

  • 09:36 AM IST

    Will the Budget trap pessimist foreign investors?

  • 09:35 AM IST

    Fresh PSB capital infusion unlikely

  • 09:31 AM IST

    Market Opening Highlights

  • 09:27 AM IST

    Market LIVE – Indices open strong

  • 09:22 AM IST

    Who are the new homebuyers in the market?

  • 09:21 AM IST

    Will the Crypto Puzzle remain?

  • 09:19 AM IST

    Experts want Centre to set aside ‘green expenditure’ funds in Budget

  • 09:15 AM IST

    Govt considering Rs 2,942 crore on auto industry

  • 09:09 AM IST

    Will FM clarify on PSB privatisation path?

  • 09:07 AM IST

    Non-BJP states looks askance at the Centre’s financial muscle

  • 09:02 AM IST

    What to expect from the Budget – decoded (Video)

  • 08:59 AM IST

    Where and how to watch Nirmala Sitharaman’s speech

  • 08:54 AM IST

    Budget – 5 stocks with an upside of up to 100%

  • 08:51 AM IST

    Market Outlook

  • 08:46 AM IST

    PM Modi: Budget session must be fruitful

  • 08:38 AM IST

    Budget Expectations – Sorbh Gupta of Quantum AMC

  • 08:32 AM IST

    Are India’s financial conditions tightening?

  • 08:26 AM IST

    Budget Expectation – Suman Bannerjee of Hedonova

  • 08:13 AM IST

    Opinion: Govt cannot go easy on taxes

  • 08:07 AM IST

    Hope for a feel-good Budget: Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw

  • 07:50 AM IST

    Evolution of the Budget briefcase

  • 07:46 AM IST

    List of business in LS

  • 07:38 AM IST

    Budget – Key highlights of President Ram Nath Kovind’s speech (2/2)

  • 07:33 AM IST

    Budget – Key highlights of President Ram Nath Kovind’s speech (1/2)

  • 07:32 AM IST

    Budget – Opinion (MC Pro)

  • 07:28 AM IST

    Market on Budget Day

  • 07:22 AM IST

    Budget Expectations – US companies

  • 07:18 AM IST

    A beginner’s guide to reading the Budget

  • 07:18 AM IST

    CEA VA Nageswaran on the economy

  • 07:12 AM IST

    Will Booster Budget fire up growth?

  • 07:04 AM IST

    Economic Survey 2024 – CEA VA Nageswaran

  • 07:00 AM IST

    Economic Survey 2024 – 8 Key Takeaways

  • 06:52 AM IST

    The Budget Team at a glance

  • 06:50 AM IST

    Market Opening: 10 things to know

  • 06:47 AM IST

    Budget Expectation – Housing

  • 06:36 AM IST

    Election Update

  • 06:32 AM IST

    Key Highlights From The Economic Survey

  • 06:28 AM IST

    Market Outlook

  • 06:21 AM IST

    FY23 growth expectations based on resilience of economy: Sanjeev Sanyal

  • 06:15 AM IST

    Budget Expectations – Healthcare

  • 06:12 AM IST

    14 Bills, 6 financial items to be taken up

  • 06:07 AM IST

    Budget Expectations – CII

  • 06:01 AM IST

    Budget – Opinion (MC Pro)

  • 06:00 AM IST

    Budget Expectations – AMC

  • 05:59 AM IST

    Stock trader’s Guide to the Budget

  • 05:54 AM IST

    What’s new – No crypto or banking bill mentioned during Budget Session

  • 05:50 AM IST

    What’s new – No halwa ceremony

  • 05:49 AM IST

    What’s new – Paperless Budget, Mobile app

  • 05:44 AM IST

    Budget presentation through the years

  • 05:43 AM IST

    Budget amid elections

  • 05:42 AM IST

    What is the Budget?

  • 05:41 AM IST

    FinMin to announce Union Budget 2024 today

  • 05:19 AM IST

    Market LIVE – Update

  • 05:14 AM IST

    Economic Survey 2024

  • 04:58 AM IST

    Likely Budget announcements

Live Stream Budget 2024 Online On My Device?

In her 2022-23 Union Budget speech, Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman is expected to talk for around 92 minutes. This is the shortest speech that she has delivered so far. The Union Budget speech is an important event in India, and Finance Minister Sitharaman is expected to talk about many topics in it. It is worth keeping an eye out for her speech, which is scheduled to start at 11 am on February 1st.

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The Finance Minister’s presentation of the budget for the upcoming fiscal year will be streamed on Sansad TV and Doodarshan. It is expected to last for around two hours and forty minutes. The live telecast will also be available on their Youtube channels. Press Information Bureau (PIB) will also stream Budget 2024 on their online platforms.


What are the 3 types of budgets?

Surplus Budget, Balanced Budget, and Deficit Budget are the three types of annual estimates-based government budgets.

Who represent the union budget?

Financial statements and tax proposals for fiscal year 2022-23 (April 2022 to March 2024) will be presented by Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman on February 1, marking her fourth consecutive Union Budget.

What are the 4 rules of budgeting?

. Get some money and spend it on things that will help you succeed. Prioritize your money so that it goes to the things that are most important to you. Follow your plan and see your goals come to fruition.

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