How To Cancel Order On Meesho? Process To Meesho Order Cancel Check Here

How To Cancel Order On Meesho – You might have ordered a product through the Meesho app at one point, only to realize later that you didn’t have any specific requirements. This article will discuss the frequently asked online query of how to cancel a Meesho order. The variety of products offered by online retailers frequently entices customers to press the “buy” button. However, you are unaware of the other person’s thoughts. The client may have different needs than what is actually needed. You will need to follow our step-by-step guide on how to cancel a Meesho order in order to cancel your most recent order.

How To Cancel Order On Meesho?

Now that Meesho offers cheap deals, some customers wish to cancel their orders after they have been shipped. However, there is a problem with canceling an order after it has been shipped; if you really want to cancel your order, read the post thoroughly. Now is the time to learn how to cancel an order that has already been shipped because Meesho is very popular because it offers cheap deals on costumes for women. Due to the limited number of shops available, physical shopping is exhausting and limited. It takes a lot of time to visit multiple stores to get multiple products.

The tech industry has made it possible for people all over the world to shop from the convenience of their own homes and countries in an effort to alleviate the frustration. Today, products can be shipped from another country in days. This is true even if you shop from outside your country and use same-day delivery services. Numerous e-commerce sites are emerging to provide residents of India with online stores, putting India at the forefront of technological innovation. Indians can use their phones to buy groceries, household goods, automobiles, clothes, and other items. For simple purchases, the internet offers trusted platforms like the Meesho app and portal.

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How To Cancel Order On Meesho

How To Cancel Order On Meesho Overview

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What is Meesho?

The Meesho app has been called the best online store, an e-commerce site, a life-saving app, and more. Meesho is explained by each user based on their own experiences. However, the Meesho app is a well-known social commerce or e-commerce website. The platform makes it easier for people to sell their goods online. Products related to fashion and lifestyle (such as clothing, electronics, jewelry, shoes, etc.) can be searched by customers.

Because they don’t need a physical store, the Meesho app is important to women who want to run their own businesses from home. Students looking for extra money for their studies and lifestyles also like the app. Take note that Meesho lets buyers buy products directly from sellers. Meesho picks the product from the seller and hands it to the buyer once the deal is done. This indicates that the products lack Meesho branding. The app, on the other hand, will get the money and put the right amount in the user’s bank account.

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How To Cancel Meesho Order?

  • Download the meesho app on your android or iOS device and run the application.
  • Then on the home screen you will see icons at the bottom of the screen you have to scroll down and click on ORDERS.
  • After that check out the orders section where you have placed the order.
  • Now choose the CANCEL ORDER option on the interface. Instantly the ORDER DETAILS option will pop up where you can track the order and also cancel the product.
  • After this provide a Valid Reason for the cancellation of the product. Then tap on the ‘Cancel Order‘ option will be unlocked then click on the ‘SELECT REASON‘ option.
  • At the bottom of the slide you will see ‘Product Details‘ is the ‘Select reason for cancellation’. Tap on that button. Several choices will appear on the wall. Select your preferred reason.
  • Further as you move forward you will notice the Explain the Reason (Optional) option. On the reason selection button there is info provided with a message box, in which you can justify and clarify the reason for the cancellation of the order. However, this is optional. So, if you want, you can skip this option.
  • When you have filled in the reason, then tap on the ‘CANCEL PRODUCT’ option on the screen. It occurs at the bottom of the display screen.
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Method A- Cancel Shipped Order in Meesho From App

Following are the instructions showing how to cancel your order on Meesho

  • First and foremost, open the meesho app apk.
  • Then choose the order you want to cancel.
  • Click the ‘Cancel’ button.
  • Select the correct reason for canceling your order.
  • Select ‘Cancel Product”.
  • Congratulations! Meesho cancel order was successful.

Method B Cancel Order on Meesho After Shipping using Customer Care Number

  • In the Meesho apk, find the “Help” section to solve your order canceling issues.
  • Mainly, there are two ways to get a meesho helpline number.
  • One way is to directly call at +918061799600 and ask to cancel an order.
  • Another one is the go to Contact Us section in the Help section available on the app.
  • Thus, Meesho customer care can be the best way to solve your queries.

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Method C Cancel the Order in Meesho using Support Email

  • First of all, email is another way to contact customer care Meesho to cancel your order.
  • You can write your query through meesho mail support at [email protected].
  • Notably, write the proper query in a systematic order and if required send some images too.
  • Thus, customer care will resolve your query as soon as possible.

Method D Cancel an Order on Meesho via Twitter account

  • The Meesho team is mostly active on their official Twitter account.
  • So contact through for cancel order query at 
  • The twitter team will reply back to your query soon.
  • That’s it!! Order cancel on meesho is that easy from Twitter.
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Meesho Customer Care

Customers with Meesho accounts can also call the customer service desk to cancel orders. To request a cancellation, call the number +918061799600. Additionally, sending an email to [email protected] is simple.


Does Meesho charge for cancellation?

If you cancel an order, there will be no fees assessed to you. There will be no cancellation fees and it is completely free. The cancelled order, on the other hand, will not be included in your bonus plan.

How to cancel an order?

Contact customer service at the number on the order page or confirmation email. If the website has a customer service line that is open around the clock, this is quicker than email. If you want to be sure that your cancellation is received, you should try calling as well as using the order cancellation form or email method.

Why I can't cancel my order in Meesho?

An order cannot be canceled after it has been shipped, no exceptions. However, you can ask your customer to decline the order when it is delivered if it is absolutely necessary to cancel it. There will be no cancellation fee and the order will be cancelled automatically.

Can I cancel an order if it hasn't shipped?

You have the option to cancel the order if the seller has not shipped the item as promised when you bought it. You can dispute the charge as a billing error if you never received your order and the charge appears on your credit card statement. Dispute your credit card company online or over the phone.

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