How To Change UPI ID in Google Pay? How To Find Google UPI ID, create additional Google Pay UPI ID, Step-By-Step Guide

How To Change UPI ID in Google Pay – UPI is a financial framework for cash moves on installment applications. To add a ledger to research Pay, your bank should work with UPI. Your UPI ID is a location that distinguishes you on UPI ordinarily your bank’s name. Now and again you can’t associate with your bank server or make installments utilizing UPI. All things considered, you can constantly change or reset your UPI ID.

UPI is a framework that controls different quantities of financial balances into a solitary versatile utilization (of any taking an interest bank), consolidating a few financial highlights, consistent asset directing and dealer installments under one rooftop. UPI additionally takes care of the Shared gather demand which can be paid and planned by the necessity and accommodation. Your UPI ID is a specific location that distinguishes you on UPI. To know how to change or reset your UPI ID utilizing Google Pay, here are the means you want to follow.

How To Change UPI ID in Google Pay?

Money still holds a special place in the hearts of many, and the need of the hour is to move it more virtually than physically. The sender is currently following UPI (Unified Payments Interface) remittances in real time and is being advised by the relevant authorities to adopt a much-needed eco-friendly option. Smart devices are widely used to clear online payments using QR codes at a variety of locations, including open markets, shops, banks, hospitals, airports, terminuses, toll plazas, and gas stations.

From your smartphone gateways, you can quickly and easily transfer money or pay your monthly bills. Therefore, the fact that UPI has more than 150 million active users is somewhat surprising. Customers can transfer money using UPI by simply entering their UPI ID. They are not required to provide any other information, such as an IFSC code or bank account. It’s one of the best ways to pay in the country because it’s easy to use and convenient.

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Google Pay is now one of the most popular UPI payment apps in India. One must have a unique UPI ID, also known as a Virtual Payment Address (VPA), in order to send money using a UPI. However, if someone forgets their UPI ID, they may experience extreme anxiety. If you have forgotten your UPI ID, this article will provide you with a step-by-step tutorial on how to locate it within Google Pay.

How To Change UPI ID in Google Pay

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GPAY UPI ID Check Here

It’s likewise alluded to as virtual installment address (VPA) the ID is a huge variable while sending and getting cash through UPI. The UPI ID ought to be connected to your UPI empowered bank for simple exchanges. These assistance clients not to share bank subtleties, for example, ledger each time they execute. The collector will just share his/her UPI id with the shipper, and the cash is sent straightforwardly to the ledger. The UPI ID changes by applications and banks. Model Paytm UPI Id is “yourphonenumber@paytm” and for banks “yourname@bankname.”

How To Change UPI ID In GPay?

The exclusive platform known as UPI (Unified Payments Interface) is gaining popularity among merchants and peer-to-peer transactions. The technology, which was introduced by the NPCI in 2016, is beneficial to digital wallets and financial institutions. Funds can be easily debited and credited thanks to the UPI technology. Worldwide, users can send and receive money without ever having to enter their banking information. The UPI system lets you use a single mobile app to do business with multiple bank accounts. The UPI lets you use a variety of banking tools. To complete transfers using UPI, you require a unique UPI ID.

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  • Open the Google pay application on your phone.
  • Now go to your profile.
  • Then tap on your bank’s name.
  • Then again tap on your bank’s name.
  • Now you will see a pencil sign for edit.
  • Tap on it and you will be able to see your options to change your UPI ID.
  • Now change your UPI ID and also delete the older ID if required.

How To Find Your UPI ID?

After you add your bank information to a Google Pay account, the system will generate the UPI ID for you automatically. By requesting two additional UPI IDs from the bank, the applicant can change the UPI ID. The bank account can also be updated from the Google pay platform. You must remove the bank from this location and re-add it to the app. Let’s say you get paid, and the money goes to your primary Google Pay account.

  • Launch the Google Pay app on your phone.
  • In the top right, tap on your photo.
  • Now tap on Bank account.
  • Tap the bank account whose UPI ID you want to view.
  • You will find the associated UPI ID under “UPI IDs”.

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How to create additional Google Pay UPI ID?

Users can create multiple UPI IDs for their bank accounts using Google Pay. The procedure is straightforward and comparable to changing the UPI ID. To create an additional UPI ID in Google Pay, follow the steps below.

  1. First, open the Google Pay app on your Android or iOS device
  2. After that, Tap on your profile picture at the top right corner
  3. Select Payment methods from the next screen
  4. Now tap on the Account for which you want to create a UPI ID
  5. Select Manage UPI IDs
  6. Now tap on the plus icon to create an additional Google Pay UPI ID
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Why do we need Google Pay UPI ID?

A UPI ID, which is associated with the user’s bank account, must be generated by every UPI user. Money can now be sent and received instantly, directly to the recipient’s account, thanks to this. One is not required to disclose their account number or any other information.

The Google Pay UPI ID is linked to your bank account, so it can be used with cell phone numbers, QR codes, or UPI IDs to complete the process. Additionally, Google Pay UPI ID makes it simple and quick to pay. Within about 30 seconds, the entire procedure could be completed.


Is UPI ID and GPAY ID same?

You could, yes. However, the specifics of your transaction will be restricted to the app you use if you transact using a specific UPI ID. For instance, your Google Pay UPI ID is 123456789@okhdfcbank, and you receive funds on that ID.

How do I reset my GPAY UPI ID?

Open Google Pay . At the top right, tap your photo Bank account. Tap the bank account you want to edit. Tap Forgot UPI PIN. Follow the on-screen instructions.

What ID is GPAY?

Using your mobile phone, you can send or request money from friends and family using Google Pay. Using Google Pay, you can also pay your utility bills and recharge your prepaid phone. Note: To set up Google Pay, you will need a working Indian (+91) phone number, a working Indian bank account, and a Google account.

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