Pushpa 2 Movie Release Date 2023, Star Cast, Story Line, New Poster, When Will Be Release In 2023?

Pushpa 2 Movie Release Date 2023 – Even though Pushpa has been on OTT and must be shown in theaters within a certain amount of time due to the COVID, Allu Arjun fans are in love with it. Fans are eagerly anticipating The Pushpa 2 and wondering when it will be released. The second installment of the Pushpa movie is scheduled to open worldwide in 2023. The exclusive details about Pushpa Part 2 have been updated here: The Time and Date of the Rule’s Release in 15 August 2024. Please continue reading to learn more.

Pushpa 2 Movie Release Date 2023

We are all well aware of the many delays and postponements caused by the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, which has had a significant impact on us like it has never been before before 2020. Thank you for making 2021 a fantastic year for Indian films and television shows.

In December 2021, a number of films had their theatrical premieres or were streamed online for free so that viewers could watch them on OTT platforms. In addition to another schedule in Kerala, the first installment was shot in a number of locations throughout Andhra Pradesh, including Rampachodavaram and Maredumilli.New poster release date 7 april 2024.

According to our sources Pushpa 2 release In 15 August 2024.


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Pushpa 2 Movie Release Date 2023 Overviews

Name of Movie Pushpa: The Rule
Languages Hindi, Telugu, Malayalam, Tamil, Kannada
Under Banner of Muttamsetty Media
Estimated Budget 400 CR
Star Cast Allu Arjun, Fahadh Faasil and Rashmika Mandanna, Disha Patani
Pushpa 2 Director Sukumar Bandreddi
Pushpa 2 Release Date 15 August 2024
Category Entertainment

Pushpa 2 Release Date 2023

We are all know very well of the many deferred and postponing associated with the continuous Covid pandemic which has affected us in a major way more than ever 2020. Because of 2021 for exists a too much year for Indian television series and film. In December 2021, there were many movies that sent off in playhouse or streamed online free of charge to see them on OTT sites. The first portion plan was shot in various areas like Rampachodavaram and Maredumilli in Andhra Pradesh, other than one more arrangement in Kerala.

Pushpa 2 The Rule

If you haven’t already, you should definitely watch Pushpa part 1: The Rise because it is one of the best movies to come out in recent years! The film’s original Telugu version was a huge hit. However, when the Hindi version also became a hit, people were shocked. The movie recently received an OTT release, opening it up to a wider audience despite the enormous hype surrounding it. Since this is a sequel and everyone is probably already familiar with it, we shouldn’t care about any new information about the plot points of this movie.

Before Pushpa Part 2 hits theaters, here is everything you need to know about it (date, release date). It is also referred to as “Pushpa 2: the Standard

Pushpa 2 Star Cast & Crew

Allu Arjun Pushpa Raj
Rashmika Mandanna Srivalli, Pushpa Raj’s Wife
Fahadh Faasil Bhanwar Singh Shekhawat IPS
Dhananjay Jolly Reddy
Sunil Mangalam Srinu
Rao Ramesh Bhumireddy Siddappa Naidu
Anasuya Bharadwaj Dakshayani
Ajay Pushpa’s half brother
Sritej Pushpa’s half brother
Mime Gopi Chennai Murugan
Writer Sukumar
Director Sukumar
Producer Naveen Yerneni,
Y. Ravi Shankar
Music Composer Devi Sri Prasad
Cinematographer Mirosław Kuba Brożek
Editor Karthika Srinivas, Ruben
Production House Mythri Movie Makers,
Muttamsetty Media
Distributor E4 Entertainment (Kerala)
Lyca Productions
Sri Lakshmi Movies (Tamil Nadu)
Goldmines Telefilms
AA Films (North India)
Swagath Enterprises (Karnataka)

Pushpa 2 Official Trailer

Pushpa 2 Story Line

In the film, Pushpa Raj (Allu Arjun) works as a laborer in the illegal trade of red sandalwood in Tirupati’s remaining forests. However, Coolie’s desire to live his life as a coolie and rule the world grows despite the fact that he is not a well-known figure. Mangalam Srinu (Sunil) and Dakshayini (Anasuya) join Kondareddy (Ajay Ghosh), who is waiting in his business, in a handshake. However, Mangalam Sreenu, who has wronged Pushpa, is challenged at one point. Bhanwar Singh Shekhawat (Fazil Fahad), who assumed the position of police superintendent in the district under these conditions, Bhanwar Singh works together to stop Pushpa from marrying Srivalli, played by Rashmika Mandanna, in his hometown.

Pushpa Part 2 Release Date and Time

It has been established that the character Pushpa will return in the subsequent film, so the original Pushpa will be adapted for a sequel. Pushpa 2 will be referred to as the Rule, whereas Part 1 has been referred to as the Rise. The film and its characters are likely to return in a year, probably around the same time as the first installment, which was released in 2021, as far as the release date is concerned. According to a Pinkvilla report, the movie is getting ready to come out on December 17. The film will also be released in dubbed versions in Hindi, Malayalam, Tamil, and Kannada. By December of this year, the movie may be available on Amazon Prime.

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Pushpa The Rule OTT Release Date

After 40 days since it was released in theaters, Pushpa the Rule will be available on the OTT platform. Therefore, the Film Digital Premiere should take place in January 2023. Wait and watch only on the Official OTT Platform if you don’t want to go to theaters.

When Will Be Release Pushpa 2 In 2023?

Sukumar, the film director, confirmed that the script for Pushpa 2 is finalized and they are currently working on it. The movie is scheduled to release on August 15 , 2024.Fans of the movie can keep an eye out for any updates and announcements to stay informed about the release date and other details about the movie.

How Can I Watch Pushpa 2 Movie?

The original Pushpa movie’s fans will be thrilled to hear that a sequel is on the way in 2022. So that we can watch this movie with you in nearby theaters and on Amazon Prime Video’s online platform. You can also watch this movie with your loved ones, friends, and family.


The release date of Pushpa 2 is currently set for August 15 , 2024, as confirmed by the movie’s director Sukumar. It is important to note that movie release dates are subject to change due to various reasons, and it is best to keep an eye out for official announcements from the movie producers or reliable news sources for any updates. Fans of the movie can stay informed about any news related to the release of Pushpa 2 by following official social media pages or signing up for updates.


What is Pushpa 2?

Pushpa 2 is an upcoming Indian action thriller movie directed by Sukumar. It is a sequel to the 2021 movie Pushpa, which starred Allu Arjun and Rashmika Mandanna in lead roles.

Who is the director of Pushpa 2?

The director of Pushpa 2 is Sukumar, who also directed the first movie in the series, Pushpa.

Who are the lead actors in Pushpa 2?

The lead actors in Pushpa 2 are Allu Arjun and Fahadh Faasil. Rashmika Mandanna, who played the female lead in the first movie, is not part of the sequel.

When is Pushpa 2 releasing?

As of Sukumar's confirmation in September 2021, Pushpa 2 is scheduled to release on January 24, 2024. However, movie release dates are subject to change.

What is the plot of Pushpa 2?

The plot of Pushpa 2 is not yet known as the filmmakers have not released any official details. However, it is expected to continue the story from where the first movie left off.

Where can I watch the trailer for Pushpa 2?

The trailer for Pushpa 2 is not yet released. It is expected to be released closer to the movie's release date.


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