Shri Dhirendra Krishna Shastri Garg Wiki, Biography, Age, Height, Weight, Wife, Girlfriend, Family, Networth

Shri Dhirendra Krishna Shastri Garg Wiki – Friends, today we will learn about the life of the head of Bageshwar Dham, Maharaj Shri Dhirendra Krishna Shastri. Bageshwar Dham is a religious pilgrimage site in the Chhatarpur district of Madhya Pradesh. Bageshwar Dham is one of those Dhams that is well-known all over the world. In Bageshwar Dham, Lord Balaji is spread out.

Every day, thousands of devotees visit Bageshwar Dham to bring their problems, which are solved by Balaji. Dhirendra Krishna Shastri is solely responsible for the popularity of Bageshwar Dham. We’ll talk about Dhirendra Krishna Shastri’s life story and wealth today. In Dhirendra Krishna Shastri’s biography, we will talk about where he was born, how he was raised, and how he got where he is today. The age and wealth of Dhirendra Krishna Shastri can be found on Wikipedia, among other sources.

Shri Dhirendra Krishna Shastri Garg Wiki

Shree Dhirendra Krishna Shastri is the maharaja of the Bageshwar Dham Sarkar, a popular religious site in the Chhatarpur district of the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh. He is a very gifted scholar and an excellent storyteller of Bhagbat Mahapuran. He is also able to explain the issue and read people’s minds without them saying a word. He is able to read minds and promote Sanatan Dharma with the blessing of Lord Balaji.

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Shri Dhirendra Krishna Shastri is the head of the Bageshwar Dham Sarkar. He is also the Maharaja of Bageshwar Dham, a popular religious pilgrimage site in the Chhatarpur district of the Madhya Pradesh state of India. Dhirendra Krishna Shastri is a very good scholar and a good narrator of Bhagbat Mahapuran who knows the mind of the people without telling them and also tells them how to solve their problems.

Shri Dhirendra Krishna Shastri Garg Wiki

Shri Dhirendra Krishna Shastri Garg Wiki Overview

Full Name   Shree Shri Dhirendra Krishna Shastri Garg
Nickname Dhirendra
Date of Birth 04 July 1996
School High school Ganj
Profession Sanatan Dharma Pracharak
Category Trend
Official Instagram id dhirendrakrishnashastri

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Who Is Shree Dhirendra Krishna Shastri Maharaj?

Bageshwar Dham Bhoot Bhawan, also known as Chandel Carpet Sidhpith, is believed to have a long history in Mahadev Gada. The locals built the temple in 1986, and in 1987, after receiving initiation from Chitrakoot, Baba Pandit of the nearby hamlet of Setulal Garg traveled to Bageshwar Dham. A significant yajna was then held in 1989. After that, Bageshwar Dham began to gain notoriety and popularity. Bageshwar Dham is one such Dham that is well-known and praised by many people. Every day, millions of devotees bring their problems to Bageshwar Dham, where Balaji helps them. The entirety of the credit for Bageshwar Dham’s fame and widespread use belongs to Dhirendra Krishna Shastri.

Shri Dhirendra Krishna Shastri Wiki & Biography

On July 4, 1996, he was born in Gadha, Madhya Pradesh. Krishna grew up in his native village. Krishna Shastri comes from a typical family with little money. Ram Karpal Garg is his father’s name. Saroj Garg is the name of his mother. Additionally, Nirmohi Akhara was associated with Bhagwan Das Garg, his distinguished grandfather.

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Pandit Krishan Shastri is remembered as his teacher because he taught him the Bhagwat Geeta and the “Ramayana.” As a sincere follower of the Gurus, he began serving Balaji when he was nine years old, adhering to their instructions. If you’re looking for information about Dhirendra Krishna Shastri’s wife, net worth, wiki, or biography, continue reading to learn more about his personal life, career, and accomplishments.

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Shri Dhirendra Krishna Shastri Family and Relationship

Siblings Sister – 1Brother – Saligram Garg(Younger)
Father Name Ram Karpal Garg
Mother Name Saroj Garg
Grandfather Name Bhagwan Das Garg
Marital Status Currently Single
Friends Rajaram, Sheikh Mubarak

Shree Dhirendra Krishna Shastri Net worth Check

His entire fortune is 19.5 crore. The head and maharaja of the well-known holy site of Bageshwar Dham Sarkar in the Chhatarpur district of the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh is Mr. Dhirendra Krishna Shastri. The status of Pandit Krishan Shastri as Bageshwar Wale Maharaj.

He is an excellent scholar and narrator of the Bhagwat Mahapuran who is able to read people’s minds and reveal their problems without them realizing it. With Lord Balaji’s blessing, he makes Sanatan Dharma more widely known and has insight into people’s thoughts.

  • Daily Income – 8000+
  • Monthly Income – 3.5 Lakh
  • Annual Income – 40 Lacs
  • Net Worth – 19.5 Crore
  • Income Source – Katha Vachan and Divya Darbar

Shri Dhirendra Krishna Shastri Age, Height, Weight

Age 28 Years (As of 2024)
Height 5Ft 8in
Weight 73 Kg

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Dhirendra Krishna Shastri Education Qualification

Dhirendra Krishna received his early education at the village’s public school. He attended school in his neighborhood all the way through eighth grade. In order to continue his education, he was required to travel five kilometers to Ganj’s school. He had to walk five kilometers each day due to his limited resources.

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Dhirendra is the family’s oldest boy. As a result, they had to take care of the family as well. Consequently, he frequently made home visits to solicit donations. While they were worshiping and telling stories, they used to take care of the house.

Dhirendra Krishna Shastri Career

Dhirendra Krishna Shastri was born in Gadha on July 4, 1996. His grandfather was Bhagwandas Garg, a Siddh saint. His grandfather was a member of the Nirmohi Akhara, which held court near the Hanuman shrine. Dhirendra Krishna Shastri also began convening the divine court. His popularity quickly grew in his court.

The saint is revered by the populace for his alleged spiritual approaches to resolving issues. He is considered exceptional because he plays with people’s psychological issues. It has been alleged that Dhirendra Krishna Shastri baba used his alleged abilities to heal people in a number of instances.

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