Nazar 3 Serial 2024, Star Plus TV Timing, Duration, Star Cast, Story, Real Name, Repeat Telecast Timing

Nazar 3 Serial- The upcoming Nazar Season 3 will pick up where Season 1 and Season 2 left off. The release date for Nazar Season 3 in 2021 will be announced soon. In this new season, Monalisa will reprise her role as a powerful Daayan. Producer Gul Khan has promised surprises for viewers. The cast is yet to be revealed, but the show will air on Star Plus. This article provides insights into the cast, crew, production, story, and upcoming developments of Nazar Season 3.

Nazar 3 Serial 2024

The highly anticipated Nazar Season 3 is set to continue the intriguing storyline from where Season 1 and Season 2 left off. While the exact release date for Nazar Season 3 in 2021 is still pending, fans are eagerly awaiting the announcement.

One exciting element of this new season is the return of Monalisa in her formidable role as a Daayan, promising even more mystique and power. Producer Gul Khan has teased viewers with the prospect of surprises, building up anticipation for what’s to come. Although the full cast has yet to be unveiled, it’s confirmed that the show will once again find its home on Star Plus. This article serves as a valuable resource for fans, offering insights into the cast, crew, production, storyline, and the exciting developments to look forward to in Nazar Season 3.

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Nazar 3 Serial 2023

Nazar 3 Serial Overview

Nazar 3 Serial Details

Serial name Nazar 3
Genre Daily Soap Drama Serial
Nazar 3 Start Date 2021
Telecast Days To be updated soon
Nazar 3 Telecast Timings To be updated soon
Channel Star Plus
OTT Platform Hotstar
Language Hindi
Category tv show

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Nazar 3 Full Star Cast, Roles, Real Names

In Nazar 3, the talent actress Monalisa, known by her real name Antara Biswas, takes on the captivating role of a Dayan, serving as the show’s negative lead. With her skillful portrayal, Monalisa brings depth and intrigue to the character, adding an extra layer of mystery and excitement to the series. Fans of the show can anticipate her powerful performance as she continues to captivate audiences in her role as the Dayan in Nazar 3.

  • Monalisa/Antara Biswas
  • Piya Rathod
  • Mohana Rathod
  • Palak Verma
  • Ruby Rathod
  • Ansh Rathod
  • Saavi Sharma
  • Rishi Rathod
  • Nishant Sharma
  • Chaitali Rathod
  • Divya Nishant Sharma
  • Kajal Rathod
  • Dilruba
  • Shalaka
  • Aditya Rathod

Story Line/Plot

Season 3 of “Nazar” is on its way to television screens, promising viewers an abundance of twists and turns in the upcoming storyline. Like in the previous seasons, the lead couple will be a central focus, and Monalisa is expect to once again portray the role of the powerful Daayan.

This time, her character is anticipated to be even more formidable, making it a challenging task for anyone to defeat her. Although the promo for “Nazar 3” has yet to be release, fans can look forward to an array of intriguing twists and developments. In line with spoilers about “Nazar 3,” the series will continue the story from “Nazar 1” and “Nazar 2,” ensuring a seamless and engaging narrative for fans of the show.

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Nazar 3 Time/Repeat Telecast Details

Nazar 3″ is gearing up for its highly-anticipated release on Star Plus and Hotstar. Produced by 4 Lions Films, the show is expect to hit the screens soon, although the exact start date and telecast time are yet to be reveal. For viewers who might miss the initial broadcast, there’s good news as the show is also set to have repeat telecast.

This ensures that fan will have multiple opportunities to catch up on the exciting and mysterious journey that “Nazar 3” is bound to offer. Stay tune for further updates on the show’s schedule as it promise to be an intriguing addition to the television lineup.

Show name Nazar 3
Channel Star Plus and Hotstar
Produced By 4 Lions Films
Start date Soon
Telecast Time Soon
Repeat Telecast Soon

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How Can I Watch Nazar 3 Serial On Star Plus Online?

To watch “Nazar 3” online, follow these easy steps:

  1. Visit Hotstar: Go to in your web browser.
  2. Search for “Nazar 3”: Use the search bar on Hotstar’s website and type “Nazar 3.”
  3. Click on the show: When you see “Nazar 3” in the search results, click on it.
  4. Sign in or create an account: If you’re not already sign in, you might need to sign in or create a Hotstar account. Follow the on-screen instruction.
  5. Start watching: Once you’re log in, you can start watching the episode of “Nazar 3” at your convenience.


In conclusion, the anticipation for “Nazar 3” is building as viewers eagerly await the new season’s arrival on television. With promises of compelling twist and the return of Monalisa in her powerful Daayan role, it’s set to be an exciting continuation of the “Nazar” series.

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While the promo is yet to be reveal, fans can rest assured that the story will seamlessly follow the narratives of “Nazar 1” and “Nazar 2.” With these elements in play, “Nazar 3” holds the promise of delivering another thrilling and captivating experience for its dedicated audience.


When is Nazar 3 expect to be release?

The exact release date for Nazar 3 has not been announce yet, but it is eagerly anticipate by viewers.

What can viewers expect from Nazar 3?

Nazar 3 promises compelling twists in the storyline and the return of Monalisa in her powerful Daayan role. It continues the exciting narrative of the Nazar series.

Will there be a promo for Nazar 3?

Yes, although the promo has not been reveal yet, it is expect to provide a glimpse into the upcoming season.

How does Nazar 3 connect to the previous seasons?

Nazar 3 will seamlessly follow the narratives of Nazar 1 and Nazar 2, ensuring continuity in the storyline and character development.

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