Guns & Gulaabs Season 2 Release Date 2024 on Netflix, StarCast, Plot, Official Trailer

Guns & Gulaabs Season 2 Release Date – “Guns & Gulaabs Season 2” is a highly anticipated series on Netflix. The first season came out on August 18, 2023, and boasts a star-studded cast including Rajkummar Rao, Dulquer Salmaan, Gulshan Devaiah, and Adarsh Gourav. The series is created by the renowned duo Raj & DK. To find out if there will be a Season 2 on Netflix, keep scrolling.

“Guns and Gulaabs” is a Hindi web series set to debut on Netflix in February 2023. This romantic comedy with a thrilling twist stars popular actors like Rajkummar Rao, Dulquer Salmaan, and Adarsh Gaurav in key roles. It draws inspiration from “Misfits of the World” and combines 90s romance with a crime narrative. Stay tuned for updates on the release date and the cast! Netflix officially announced “Guns and Gulaabs” in January 2022. The series is being developed by Raj and D.K., known for their work on “Cinema Bandi” for Netflix. While it’s slated for a February 2023 release, the precise date is yet to be disclosed. Expect more details in the coming weeks.

Guns & Gulaabs Season 2 Release Date

Fans of the hit web series “Guns & Gulaabs” have been eagerly awaiting the release of Season 2, and the anticipation is reaching new heights. Although the exact release date has not been officially confirmed, the latest reports suggest that viewers can expect it to grace their screens in January 2025. This exciting news has created a buzz among fans, who are counting down the days until they can delve back into the intriguing world of this series. With the success of the first season and the promise of more thrilling episodes to come, 2025 is shaping up to be an exciting year for fans of “Guns & Gulaabs.”

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Guns & Gulaabs season 2 release date 2023

Guns & Gulaabs Season 2 Overview

Title Guns & Gulaabs Season 2
Release Year 2024
Streaming Platform Netflix
Status Not officially confirmed (expected)
Reason for Expectation Positive critical reception of Season 1
Production Timeline First season finished filming in the first quarter of 2022
Season 1 Release Date August 18, 2023
Genre Drama, Thriller, Romantic Comedy
Cast Details to be announced
Crew Details to be announced
Category Entertainment

Guns & Gulaabs Season 2 on Netflix

Guns & Gulaabs Season 2 is anticipated to arrive on Netflix in 2025. The series has received positive reviews, increasing the likelihood of a renewal. While Raj & DK may want to bring it back for another season, the official confirmation will come from Netflix at a later date.”

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Guns & Gulaabs Star Cast

  • Rajkummar Rao as Paana Tipu
  • Dulquer Salmaan as Arjun Verma
  • Adarsh Gourav as Chhota Ganchi, Ganchi’s son
  • Gulshan Devaiah as 4 Cut Atmaram
  • Goutam Sharma
  • Gourav Sharma
  • Satish Kaushik as Ganchi, Chhota Ganchi’s father
  • Ashmith Kunder as Sambi
  • Pooja Gor
  • Vipin Sharma
  • Shreya Dhanwanthary
  • Manuj sharma
  • Sanchay Goswami
  • TJ Bhanu as Chandralekha, Tipu’s love interest

Guns & Gulaabs season 2 release date 2023


Guns & Gulaabs 2nd Season Story/Plot

Set against the gritty backdrop of the 1990s, the narrative of this story immerses viewers in a world defined by crime and brutality. Within this unforgiving landscape, a captivating tale unfolds, skillfully weaving together themes of love and purity. Amidst the darkness, moments of humor and romantic elements add depth and contrast to the storyline. This unique blend of contrasting elements creates a narrative that not only entertains but also provides a thought-provoking exploration of the complexities of the human experience, all set against a backdrop of stark realism and raw emotion.

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What is the story of Guns and Gulaabs?

The story is set in Gulaabganj, a fictional town where government-licensed opium is grown. The vast majority of opium flow is controlled by two rival gangs, led by Ganchi and Nabeed. Gangaram, a local student, witnesses Babu Tiger, the right-hand man of Ganchi, being murdered by a hired killer named Four-Cut Aatmaram.

Guns & Gulaab Season Part 2 Trailer

Official Trailer Will Be Available Soon On This Page.

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Will there be season 2 of Guns and Gulabs?

While it’s not certain whether “Guns & Gulaabs” has been canceled, there’s a strong likelihood of a second season due to its positive critical reception. However, fans will need to wait until 2025 for its release, as the first season wrapped filming in early 2022 before premiering on August 18, 2023.

What is the release date of Guns & Gulaabs Season 2 on Netflix?

Exciting news for fans of “Guns & Gulaabs”! The highly anticipated Season 2 is set to make its debut on Netflix in 2025. This announcement has generated a wave of anticipation among viewers who have been eagerly awaiting the next installment of this gripping series.

As the release year draws nearer, expectations are running high, and fans are looking forward to diving back into the world of “Guns & Gulaabs” for more thrilling adventures, intriguing characters, and captivating storylines. With the promise of a new season on the horizon, 2025 is sure to be an exciting year for fans of this popular show.

Guns & Gulaabs season 2 release date 2023

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Is Guns & Gulaabs ready for a second season by Netflix?

As of now, “Guns & Gulaabs” has not been officially renew for a second season. While the series garner attention and appreciation for its unique blend of storytelling, the fate of its future episode remains uncertain. Fans eagerly await any new or updates regarding a potential second season, as they hope to continue the journey with the belove characters and delve deeper into the world of this captivating show. Until an official announcement is made, the status of “Guns & Gulaabs” Season 2 remains a question mark, leaving viewer in anticipation and suspense.

When Will Be Release Guns & Gulaabs Season 2?

As much as fans of “Guns & Gulaabs” are eager for the release of Season 2, they’ll need to exercise a bit more patience. The anticipated release date for Season 2 of this exciting series is not in 2024 but rather expected in 2025 on Netflix. While the wait may seem long, it promises to be worth it, as viewers can look forward to more thrilling adventures and captivating storylines set against the backdrop of the intriguing world of “Guns & Gulaabs.” So, while the calendar may not show 2024, fans can rest assured that their favorite show will be back in action in 2025, delivering the same excitement and suspense that has made it a fan-favorite.

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In conclusion, “Guns & Gulaabs Season 2” is a highly anticipate release expected to arrive on Netflix in 2025, though an official confirmation is still pending. The anticipation for a second season stems from the positive reception of Season 1, which garnered critical acclaim. The first season complete filming in early 2022 and was release on August 18, 2023. While specific details about the cast and crew remain forthcoming, fans of the series are eagerly awaiting further updates. As 2025 approaches, it promises to be an exciting year for viewers, with the potential return of this engaging drama, thriller, and romantic comedy series.


Will there be season 2 of Guns and Gulaabs?

At the time of writing, Guns & Gulaabs Season 2 has no official release date. This is because neither Netflix nor the creators of the series Raj & DK have announced a second season. It has also not been confirmed whether or not Guns & Gulaabs has been canceled

Is Guns and Gulaabs released on Netflix?

The series, titled Guns & Gulaabs, draws inspiration from the Misfits of the World and blends 90s romance nostalgia with a crime theme. The name Guns & Gulaabs in Hindi is inspired by the American hard rock band Guns N' Roses. It was released on Netflix on August 18, 2023.

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