iPadOS 17 Wishlist, features 7 overdue, we want Apple to surface in 2024

iPadOS 17 Wishlist – When consumers purchase a new device from today’s well-known manufacturers, they anticipate software support for several years. In addition to addressing security flaws and bug fixes, these software updates add new features. Users are also helped to break out of the rut of using their phones, tablets, or computers every day by the visual changes and useful additions. Repetitive system behavior and visuals naturally wear us out. The experience can be improved by updating the system.

This year, Apple introduced iOS 16, iPadOS 16, macOS Ventura, and watchOS 9, so it’s time to move on. Even though their first betas are still months away, we are already looking forward to iOS 17, macOS 14, and watchOS 10, and now we are looking at iPadOS 17. The rumored additions are listed below, along with seven things we expect to see in the tablet’s upcoming operating system.

iPadOS 17 Wishlist

When consumers purchase a new device from today’s well-known manufacturers, they anticipate software support for several years. In addition to addressing security flaws and bug fixes, these software updates add new features. Users are also helped to break out of the rut of using their phones, tablets, or computers every day by the visual changes and useful additions. Repetitive system behavior and visuals naturally wear us out. The experience can be improved by updating the system.

You’ve come to the right place if you want to learn about the new features of iOS or iPadOS 16 or if you haven’t updated yet. These updates to Apple’s mobile operating systems add more customization and build on many of the new features introduced in iOS 15, like SharePlay and Focus. We go over every important feature that is now available on your iPhone and iPad, as well as how to download updates, in the following paragraphs. For a complete list of all the new Mac features, check out our macOS Ventura feature roundup.

iPadOS 17 Wishlist

iPadOS 17 Wishlist Overview

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7 Overdue Features We Want Apple To surface in 2024

Apple Watch integration

Your Apple Watch is detected by your iPad. Click on a text field on watchOS if you don’t believe me. On iPadOS, a notification will appear immediately, allowing you to type on the Apple Watch with the iPad. When working out on Fitness Plus, your iPad can also display metrics from your Apple Watch. But this is insufficient.

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iPadOS 17 ought to concentrate on and incorporate additional Apple Watch features. First of all, my Face ID-equipped iPhone and Mac are already unlocked by my Apple Watch. Apple can implement the same idea on the iPad without any technical constraints. Already aware of each other’s presence, the two devices

AirPlay receiving support

Apple made the Mac into an AirPlay receiver with macOS Monterey. This means that you can mirror content to your Mac’s screen from your iPhone or iPad. We already know that iPads have large, clear displays. However, there is currently no direct method for transferring content from an iPhone to an iPad. In the meantime, Apple’s Sidecar feature enables Mac users to use iPads as external wireless monitors. The Cupertino company will be able to simply mark the iPad as an AirPlay receiver as part of iPadOS 17, which will enable iPhone users to seamlessly mirror media from iOS to iPadOS and take advantage of the screen space.

Apple Pencil fix

I tried using the Apple Pencil 2, but the lack of system-level gesture support made me irritated. Since you can’t swipe with an Apple Pencil to switch apps, go to the Home Screen, or open the Control Center, I have to use my finger and the pencil every time I switch apps. It is too restrictive to confine Apple Pencil controls to a single application at a time. It is not a universal stylus that can replace a user’s fingers. I hope that Apple reconsiders this decision and releases iPadOS 17 from these software restrictions.

Notification tweaks

The iPad’s notification banners are out of date. They date back to the pre-iPadOS era, when the iPad was just a stretched iPhone running a zoomed-out version of iOS, and they are excessively long. I would like Apple to modify the notification banners in iPadOS 17 in a way that makes more sense on the large iPad display. Shorter banners that appear on the right side of the screen, similar to those on macOS, could be an option for implementation. In their current state, having them descend from the top side is out of place.

Richer Home Screen

The iPad Home Screen, like the Lock Screen, needs to be painted. Although Apple has begun allowing us to place widgets on the Home Screen, this is not sufficient. At the very least, the iPad ought to have a Home Screen that is more adaptable in order for it to replace laptops.

On iPadOS 17, for instance, we ought to be able to place widgets and app icons wherever we please. We are restricted at this time to the standard iOS restriction, which prevents users from having blank spots between apps. The ability to add file icons from the Files app to the Home Screen would be another welcome addition. Mac and PC users would be more familiar with the iPad Home Screen as a result of this.

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Lock Screen overhaul

The customizable Lock Screen is without a doubt the most notable feature of iOS 16. If you haven’t heard, this section of iOS now allows for advanced personalizations, such as changing the font, color, and language of the time. In addition, you can insert useful widgets and make various wallpapers from scratch. In the meantime, the iPadOS 16 Lock Screen received nothing, please. Strangely, the new iOS 16 Lock Screen customizations were accessible during the initial iPadOS 16 beta stages. As it continued to stabilize the operating system, Apple disabled them.

In addition to iPad-exclusive products, we would like to see these personalization options included in iPadOS 17. For instance, the company could keep the Control Center toggle visible so that users don’t have to swipe again. Additionally, Apple could introduce larger, iPad-only widgets with more in-depth information that make use of the wide and wasted space.

Multi-user support

The iPad is marketed as a laptop replacement by Apple, but the majority of people will continue to use their powerful Macs while the decent iPad is still in its current form. The iPad is, without a doubt, the best tablet in terms of optimized app availability and features, but a few missing features prevent it from replacing many laptops.

Support for multiple users is a long-overdue iPad feature. The iPad’s potential as a PC replacement is limited by its limitation to a single user account, as laptops are frequently shared by multiple individuals. Multi-user support is already available on Apple TVs, HomePods, and Macs; we only hope that Apple will include it in iPadOS 17. Funny enough, school iPad users already have access to multiple user profiles from Apple. The company would only need to unlock this useful tool on iPads that aren’t used for education. Since the backend architecture is already available, Apple shouldn’t need a lot of resources to make it available to everyone as part of iPadOS 17.


Since Apple operating systems rarely leak in advance, there have been few rumors in this area. However, due to the fact that Apple is said to have redistributed some of its resources in order to concentrate on the forthcoming mixed-reality headset, we have been hearing that iPadOS 17 won’t be particularly feature-rich. As a result, it’s possible that some of the changes planned for this release were postponed until iPadOS 18.

Aside from that, the company may allow users to sideload apps with iPadOS 17, given that the EU is putting pressure on Cupertino for its monopolistic practices. For the time being, it is unknown how this change will be implemented, whether it will only be available in the EU, and whether it will actually be included in iPadOS 17.


The Watch app, which is currently only available for iOS, is another Apple Watch feature that I would like to see included in iPadOS 17. A lot of people who use Android phones have iPads and would love to use an Apple Watch. An iPadOS Watch app can serve as an ideal substitute when purchasing an iPhone is not an option, allowing these users to pair and customize their watches. The iPhone is already minimally used by the Apple Watch to collect pertinent health data. Users would only miss out on a few non-essential metrics related to their walking patterns if they did not have an iPhone.

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Even though I use an iPhone, I would love an iPadOS 17 Watch app so that I could customize my Apple Watch on the big screen, receive iPad notifications on my wrist, and not be limited to just my iPhone when it comes to smartwatch matters. Naturally, this would also necessitate the release of a Health app for iPad users to track their data. Additionally, having this application would make it easier for us to view these statistics on the larger display.


Will there be a new iPad in 2024?

While it is possible that we will see some new iPad models in 2024, the current picture suggests that new iPads are unlikely overall. It appears that 2024 will be a quiet year for iPad hardware refreshes. In contrast, it appears that 2024 will be a significantly more significant year for the iPad lineup.

What should I do with an outdated iPad?

Visit the Apple Trade In website for instructions, a pre-paid shipping label, and free recycling of your old iPad. The symbol above indicates that your product and/or its battery must be disposed of separately from household waste in accordance with local laws and regulations.

What will Apple release in 2024?

MacBook Pro 15-inch, HomePod, and iPhone 15: Apple products will be available in 2024. Apple, a technology conglomerate based in Cupertino, kicked off the year with the introduction of the iPhone Se 3rd Generation. The company then introduced the highly anticipated iPhone 14 series and a new MacBook Air equipped with an M2 chip and MagSafe charging.

Can I sell my old iPad?

Simply put, Swappa is the best place to sell your used iPad for the most money. Selling on Swappa will allow you to make approximately two to three times as much money as buying from a scammer or a junk device.

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