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Sonia Akhtar Wiki- A woman from Bangladesh claims that a man from Noida, India, married her and then left her after they had a child. She arrive in India with their one-year-old child to file a complaint against him. The woman, named Sonia Akhtar, identified the man as Saurabhkant Tiwari from Surajpur, Noida. According to the Noida police, Saurabhkant Tiwari married Sonia Akhtar while he was working in Dhaka between 2017 and 2021. After their marriage, he brought Sonia to India and then left her.

For more details about Sonia Akhtar, her background, being a Bangladeshi woman in India, her family, age, and pictures, refer to Sonia Akhtar’s bio. The case of Seema Hiader takes a new turn by giving Sonia a chance to rediscover herself and her first love through the journey. Learn more about Sonia Akhtar’s story from the information provide in this article.

Sonia Akhtar Wiki

Sonia Akhtar, hailing from Bangladesh, has found herself in the spotlight due to her tumultuous journey involving a man from Noida, India. Her story unfolds as she alleges that Saurabhkant Tiwari, a resident of Surajpur in Noida, married her during his time in Dhaka between 2017 and 2021. The relationship took a drastic turn after they welcomed a child together.

Sonia Akhtar’s plight took a new direction when she arrived in India with their one-year-old child and filed a complaint against Saurabhkant Tiwari, accusing him of abandoning her. The details of Sonia Akhtar’s life, her experiences as a Bangladeshi woman in India, her family, age, and more can be explored in her bio. The saga of Sonia Akhtar raises questions about relationships, identity, and the pursuit of justice, offering a glimpse into her challenging journey.

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sonia akhtar wiki

Sonia Akhtar Wiki Overview

Attribute Information
Full Name Sonia Akhtar
Nationality Bangladeshi
Residence Noida, India
Relationship Status Married
Alleged Husband Saurabhkant Tiwari
Marriage Period 2017 – 2021 (in Dhaka, Bangladesh)
Child One-year-old child
Grievance Accuses Saurabhkant Tiwari of abandonment
Current Situation Filed a complaint against him
Story Alleges being abandoned after having a child
Significance Highlights complex aspects of relationships
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Sonia Akhtar Wiki Biography

Nationality Bangladeshi
Religion Islam
Family Son (1 year old)
Husband Name Saurav Kant Tiwari
Visa Type Tourist
Current Location India, Detention Center in Noida Sector-62
Sonia’s Age Around 27-28 (Predicted)
Incident Similar To Seema Haider Case

Who Is Sonia Akhtar?

What are our current priorities? Should we prioritize improving our financial situation or other important aspects of life, or should we focus on resolving the conflicts between couples in love? These are common questions raise by people, leading the Indian Government to take some immediate actions in such cases.

The woman, with confidence, reveals that she married Saurav following Islamic customs. However, he left her and disappeared to his home. Sonia has been unable to contact her husband through phone or any other means. As she saw no other option, she decided to come to India on a tourist visa.

Sonia Akhtar Age

  • Sonia is approximately 30  years old, unlike Seema Haider.
  • She desires to build a happy family with Sauravkant, but unfortunately, the situation remains unchanged.

Family Of Sonia Akhtar

Sonia, being separate from her family in Islam, was taken to a detention center in Noida upon her arrival. Her family is currently in her home country. She has urge the authorities to bring her husband back to her homeland. The officials are currently questioning both Saurav and Sonia regarding the situation. In discussions with the Noida Police Commisionerate, Sonia has firmly stated that she will only return to her country with her husband.

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Sonia Akhtar Case

Saurav, currently residing in Uttar Pradesh, had been employ in Dhaka from 2017 to 2021 (from January 1 to December 24 of that year), during which time they both got married. Police and Sonia’s accounts have been conflicting since Monday, August 21, 2023. Upon arriving in India, she discovered that Sauravkant already had a happy family, prompting her to file a case against him.

Statement from Anand Kulkarni

Anand, the Additional Magistrate of Police handling the case, reported that Sonia had lodged a complaint against Saurav for neglecting his responsibilities. Sonia also informed the official that Saurav had officially converted to Islam, and this has been verified. Sonia is holding a tourist visa for herself and her child and possesses essential documents regarding her marriage to Saurav. The case has been transfer to the Women and Child Welfare Department for further investigation. Authorities believe that there might be more factors to consider beyond locating her husband in India. Ensuring the safety and protection of our fellow citizens remains a top priority for our investigative agencies.


In the midst of personal challenges and complex circumstances, Sonia Akhtar’s case highlights the intricate web of relationships and legal considerations that can arise in cross-border situations. As she seeks to address her marital situation and reunite with her husband, the matter transcends mere personal affairs, prompting authorities to delve into the realms of legal, familial, and social dynamics.

The case underscores the need for efficient diplomatic and legal mechanisms to address such intricate situations and protect the rights and welfare of individuals involved. In a world marked by global connections, it serves as a reminder of the complexities that can emerge in matters of love, marriage, and international boundaries. The authorities’ commitment to ensuring the well-being of all parties involved highlights the importance of safeguarding citizens’ interests and promoting justice in a rapidly evolving global landscape.

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Who is Sonia Akhtar?

Sonia Akhtar is a Bangladeshi woman who claims to have been marry to Sauravkant Tiwari from India. She has raised concerns about their marriage and seeks to reunite with her husband.

What is the nature of Sonia Akhtar's complaint?

Sonia Akhtar alleges that she got married to Sauravkant Tiwari according to Islamic custom while he was working in Dhaka between 2017 and 2021. However, she claims that he abandoned her and their child after they arrived in India.

What actions has Sonia Akhtar taken to address her situation?

Sonia Akhtar arrived in Noida, India, with a tourist visa to address her marital situation. She filed a complaint against Sauravkant Tiwari for leaving her after their arrival in India.

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