Lust Stories 2 Release Date 2023, OTT Release, Star Cast, Budget, Story Line, Teaser, When Will Be Release In 2023?

Lust Stories 2 Release Date- The popular Netflix web series, Lust Stories, has gained immense popularity and broken records in its previous seasons. Now, the teaser for Lust Stories Season 2 has been released on Netflix, creating anticipation among the viewers.

The upcoming season features the talented star cast of Radhika Apte, Akash Thosar, and Kiara Advani, who were loved by the audience in the first season. Kiara, known for her bold roles in movies and web series, continues to showcase her talent in this series as well. Fans are eagerly awaiting the release date of Lust Stories Season 2, along with other exciting details.

Lust Stories 2 Release Date 2023

Konkona Sen Sharma, the actress from the first installment of Lust Stories, has directed a segment in Lust Stories Part 2. The teaser for the upcoming season has been released, and the series is all set to premiere on June 29, 2023. This new installment promises to be even funnier and more entertaining than the first part, with Neena Gupta delivering a hilarious performance as she schools the younger generation on marriage.

Produced by Ronnie Screwvala, in collaboration with Ashi Dua and Netflix, Lust Stories Season 2 follows the massive success of the original anthology film Lust Stories. This anthology series began in 2013 with Bombay Talkies, followed by Lust Stories and Ghost Stories in 2020. Lust Stories Season 2 is one of the highly anticipated OTT releases of 2023.

After a gap of 4-5 years since the release of Lust Stories, which featured four short films directed by Anurag Kashyap, Zoya Akhtar, Dibakar Banerjee, and Karan Johar, fans can look forward to the premiere of Lust Stories 2 in early 2023.

Lust Stories 2 Release Date

Lust Stories 2 Release Date Overview

Release Date 29 June 2023
Genre Anthology Drama
Star Cast Neena Gupta, Kajol, Tamannaah Bhatia, Mrunal
Director Konkona Ken Sharma, Pashan Jal, Sujoy Ghosh, R Balki
Producer Ronnie Screwvala
Banners RSVP Movies, Flying Unicorn Entertainment
Teaser Released (Jun 6)
Category Entertainment
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Star Cast

Film Segment Director Actors
Anurag Kashyap Anurag Kashyap Radhika Apte, Akash Thosar, Randeep Jha, Ridhi Khakhar
Karan Johar Karan Johar Kiara Advani
Zoya Akhtar Zoya Akhtar Bhumi Pednekar, Nikita Dutta, Neil Bhoopalam

Lust Stories Season 2 Story/Plot

The teaser for Lust Stories 2 has gained significant attention, with millions of views already. It features renowned director Sujoy Ghosh directing one segment, with popular actress Tamannaah Bhatia starring alongside Vijay Varma. Another segment is directed by Amit Ravindernath Sharma, known for Badhaai Ho, with Kajol as the lead. Konkona Sen Sharma and R. Balki are also part of the project, and newcomer Tamannah Bhatia is paired with Angad Bedi. Lust Stories, released on June 15, 2018, received critical acclaim for its portrayal of female sexuality, a topic seldom explored in Indian films. While the details of Lust Stories 2’s segments are kept secret, it is predicted to continue delving into women’s desires and presenting different stories that explore the theme of female sexuality.

The upcoming anthology, similar to Lust Stories, will consist of 4 short films directed by popular Bollywood directors. The inclusion of 90’s superstar actress Kajol has generated significant excitement for the project. According to reports, Sujoy Ghosh will direct one segment of the anthology, featuring Tamannaah Bhatia, known for her role in “Baahubali,” paired with Vijay Varma, who gained attention for his performance in the Netflix film “Darlings” alongside Alia Bhatt and Shefali Shah.

Amit Ravindernath Sharma, director of “Badhaai Ho,” has chosen Kajol to lead his segment. Konkona Sen Sharma from “Wake Up Sid” is part of a segment directed by Tillotama Shome and Amruta Subhash. Additionally, young talent Mrunal Thakur, acclaimed for her performance in the Telugu film “Sita Ramam” (2022), will star opposite Angad Bedi in a segment directed by R. Balki, known for films like “Cheeni Kum,” “Paa,” “Shamitabh,” and “Padman.” Neena Gupta will also play a significant role in this segment of the anthology.

Watch Teaser Of Lust Stories Season 2

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Budget Of Lust Stories Season 2

The web series has a budget of 60 Crores, which is a decent amount, similar to the previous season. It features some of the best actors who are known for their high-paying roles in movies. The series will be exclusively released on Netflix, indicating its potential for success. The audience has shown great love for the series, as evident from the positive buzz on Twitter and other social media platforms.

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The poster for Lust Stories 2 has been released along with a teaser from Netflix. The poster features the entire cast, as the movie consists of four stories. Titled Lust Stories 2: Love, Lust, and Everything in Between, the poster prominently showcases the main leads of the movie, including Angad Bedi, Kajol, Mrunal, Neena Gupta, Tamannaah, Tillotama, and Vijay Varma. The poster has generated a lot of excitement among viewers, and the movie is expected to achieve great success.

How Can I Watch Lust Stories Season 2?

To watch Lust Stories Season 2, you can follow these steps:

  1. Subscribe to Netflix: Lust Stories Season 2 is exclusively available on Netflix, so you will need a Netflix subscription to watch it. If you don’t have a Netflix account, you can visit the Netflix website and sign up for a subscription.
  2. Choose a suitable plan: Netflix offers different subscription plans with varying features and prices. Select a plan that best fits your preferences and budget.
  3. Access Netflix: Once you have subscribed, you can access Netflix through various devices such as smartphones, tablets, smart TVs, or computers. Make sure you have a stable internet connection.
  4. Search for Lust Stories Season 2: Use the search function on Netflix to find Lust Stories Season 2. You can enter the title in the search bar or browse through the available TV shows and movies.
  5. Start watching: Click on the Lust Stories Season 2 title to access the series. You can then start watching the episodes at your convenience. Netflix allows you to stream the content online, so you can watch it anytime and anywhere as long as you have an internet connection.

Note: Availability may vary depending on your region. Ensure that Lust Stories Season 2 is available in your country or region before subscribing to Netflix.

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When Will Be Release Lust Stories Season 2 On Netflix In 2023?

Lust Stories Season 2, the highly anticipated anthology series, is set to make its debut on Netflix on June 29, 2023. This release date has created much excitement and anticipation among fans of the original Lust Stories and lovers of engaging and thought-provoking content.

The series, consisting of four short films directed by renowned Bollywood directors, promises to captivate audiences once again with its unique storytelling and exploration of various themes related to love, lust, and everything in between. With its star-studded cast and the success of the first season, Lust Stories Season 2 is expected to be a major hit on the streaming platform. Fans can mark their calendars for June 29, 2023, as they eagerly await the release of this highly awaited series on Netflix.

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In conclusion, Lust Stories Season 2 is an eagerly anticipated anthology series that is set to release on Netflix on June 29, 2023. With its star-studded cast, including renowned actors and popular newcomers, the series promises to deliver engaging and thought-provoking content. Directed by esteemed filmmakers, each of the four short films in the series explores different aspects of love, lust, and human relationships.

Building upon the success of the first season, Lust Stories Season 2 is expected to captivate audiences with its unique storytelling and bold exploration of themes. Fans of the original series and those seeking compelling and entertaining content can look forward to the release of Lust Stories Season 2 on Netflix, where it is sure to make a significant impact in the world of streaming entertainment.


What is the release date of Lust Stories 2 in 2023?

Lust Stories 2 is set to be released on June 29, 2023.

Will Lust Stories 2 be released on an OTT platform?

Yes, Lust Stories 2 will be released on the popular OTT platform Netflix.

Who are the star cast members of Lust Stories 2?

The star cast of Lust Stories 2 includes actors such as Angad Bedi, Kajol, Mrunal, Neena Gupta, Tamannaah, Tillotama, and Vijay Varma.

What is the budget for Lust Stories 2?

Lust Stories 2 has been made on a budget of a decent amount, similar to the previous season.

Can you provide a brief story line of Lust Stories 2?

Lust Stories 2 is an anthology series consisting of four short films directed by popular directors. Each film explores different aspects of love, lust, and human relationships, presenting unique and engaging stories.

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