Mili Serial 2024, Zee Bangla Timing, Star Cast, Story, Real Name, Repeat Telecast Timing

Mili Serial – “Mili” is an upcoming Bengali TV serial scheduled to be aired on Zee Bangla. While the exact release date hasn’t been announced, it’s anticipated to start of 25 September 2023. The serial features Kheyali Mondal and Anubhav Kanjilal in the lead roles, promising an intriguing and unique storyline. Kheyali Mondal, known for her previous role in the popular Star Jalsha serial “Aalta Phoring,” is making her comeback in this new show alongside Anubhav Kanjilal, who is a well-known figure in the Bengali film industry.

Additionally, Dhruba Jyoti Sarkar plays one of the main characters in the serial, adding depth to the story. “Mili” holds the promise of an engaging narrative and is sure to capture the attention of Bengali TV audiences. For further updates, spoilers, and details about the show, viewers can look to reliable sources and official channels related to Zee Bangla.

Mili Serial 2024

Mili” (মিলি) is a new Bengali TV serial that made its debut on the Zee Bangla channel on September 25, 2023. The storyline revolves around Mili, a girl who faces a kidnapping ordeal on her wedding night. Notable actors like Kheyali Mondal, Anubhav Kanjilal, and Dhruba Jyoti Sarkar play significant roles in this TV show, making it a compelling watch for viewers.

The serial is produced under the banner of Crystal Dreams Productions and has garnered attention since its release. It offers an engaging narrative featuring Kheyali Mondal, Dhruba Jyoti Sarkar, Oindrila Bose, Sayanta Modak, and Anubhav Kanjilal in lead roles. “Mili” started airing on Zee Bangla on September 25, 2023, promising a story that captivates the audience’s imagination with its unique premise and talented cast. For more details about the show, its cast and crew, storyline, and timings, viewers can refer to official sources associated with Zee Bangla.

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Mili Serial 2023

Mili Zee Bangla Overview

Name Mili
Main Cast
  • Kheyali Mondal
  • Anubhav Kanjilal
  • Dhruba Jyoti Sarkar
  • Oindrila Bose
  • Sayanta Modak
Genre Drama
Director Not Available
Producer Not Available
Story and Screenplay Not Available
Editor Not Available
DoP Not Available
Category tv show

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Star Cast/Real Name

Kheyali Mondal, as Mili, plays the lead role in the serial. Check out the below section to know the cast details of the Mili serial.

  • Kheyali Mondal as Mili
  • Anubhav Kanjilal as Surjo
  • Dhruba Jyoti Sarkar as Rahul

Mili Secondary Cast

  • Yet to Update…

Story Line/Plot

The new promo of “Mili” tells the story of a girl named Mili, who is on her wedding day to Rahul. She eagerly anticipates the start of her new life with him. However, Rahul’s obsession with material gifts becomes evident when he asks her for a photo wearing the diamond necklace he had given her. Mili questions his priorities, highlighting that he hasn’t even asked if she has eaten or how she’s feeling. Mili declines to send him a photo, stating that he will see her at the wedding ceremony shortly. As Mili is being brought to the wedding venue, a sudden gunshot sends everyone into a panic. While Mili seeks Rahul with her face veiled by betel leaves, he flees in fear, leaving her with a mysterious man named Surjo.

Surjo, despite initially pointing a gun at Mili, offers her food, recognizing that she may be fasting for her wedding. Mili accuses him of ruining her life and love story, but Surjo argues that she doesn’t realize how close she came to grave danger. The story takes an intriguing turn as Mili and Surjo find themselves in an unfamiliar place. It remains to be seen how their unique chemistry unfolds and if love blossoms in the midst of this unexpected situation in the upcoming episodes of “Mili.”

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Timing/Repeat Telecast Timing

Channel Name Zee Bangla
Show Timings Monday to Saturday at 9 PM
Running Time 20-25 Minutes
Starting Date 25 September 2023
Language Bengali
Country India

How to Watch Mili Serial On Zee5?

To watch the “Mili” serial on Zee5, you can follow these steps:

  1. Subscribe to Zee5: Ensure that you have a subscription to Zee5. If you don’t have one, you may need to sign up for a Zee5 subscription.
  2. Visit Zee5 Website or App: Go to the Zee5 website ( or open the Zee5 mobile app on your smartphone or tablet.
  3. Search for “Mili”: In the search bar, type “Mili” and hit enter or search. This should lead you to the show’s page.
  4. Select the Show: Click on the show’s title “Mili” when you find it in the search results.
  5. Start Watching: You should be able to start watching the episodes of “Mili” on Zee5.

Please note that the availability of the show on Zee5 may vary depending on your location and the subscription plan you have. Make sure to check the Zee5 website or app for the most up-to-date information regarding the show’s availability and any specific requirements for access.

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In conclusion, watching the “Mili” serial on Zee5 is a straightforward process. By having a Zee5 subscription, you can access the show through their website or mobile app. Simply search for the show, select it, and begin enjoying the episodes. Keep in mind that availability may be subject to your location and subscription plan. Enjoy the captivating narrative and unique chemistry between Mili and Surjo in this Bengali TV serial on Zee5!

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What is Mili, and when will it be released on Zee Bangla?

Mili is an upcoming Bengali TV serial scheduled to air on Zee Bangla. While the exact release date is not confirmed, it is expected to begin on September 25, 2023.

Who are the lead actors in Mili, and what is the storyline about?

The show features Kheyali Mondal and Anubhav Kanjilal in the lead roles. The storyline promises to be intriguing and unique. Kheyali Mondal, previously known for her role in Aalta Phoring, makes her comeback in this show alongside Anubhav Kanjilal, a well-known figure in the Bengali film industry.

Is there a specific character of importance besides the lead roles?

Yes, Dhruba Jyoti Sarkar plays one of the main characters in the serial, contributing to the depth and complexity of the story.

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