Hero Gayab Mode On Serial 2024, SAB TV Timing, StarCast, Story, Real Name, Repeat Telecast timing

Hero Gayab Mode On Serial – SAB TV is set to launch a new series called “HERO – Gayab Mode On,” produced by Alind Srivastava and Nissar Parvez from Peninsula Pictures. The show’s story centers around a young man named Veer, also known as Hero, who is on a quest to find his father. During this journey, he acquires a magical ring that grants him the power of invisibility.

The character of Veer/Hero is portrayed by Abhishek Nigam, who is the older brother of Siddharth Nigam, the lead actor from the “Aladin” series. Zara’s character is played by Yesha Rughani, known for her role in Star Bharat’s “Muskan.” Additionally, the series features several characters in negative roles. “HERO – Gayab Mode On” is scheduled to begin airing on December 7, 2020, at the 8:00 PM time slot, following SAB TV’s popular kids’ show “Baalveer Returns.” The show will later shift to the 7:00 PM slot.

Hero Gayab Mode On Serial 2024

Hero Gayab Mode On” is an Indian television series that continues to captivate audiences with its intriguing storyline in 2023. Produced by Peninsula Pictures, this show revolves around the young and determined Veer, also known as Hero. His quest to find his father takes an extraordinary turn when he comes into possession of a magical ring that grants him the power of invisibility. Abhishek Nigam brilliantly portrays the character of Veer/Hero, adding depth and charisma to the role. Alongside him, Yesha Rughani brings Zara to life with her remarkable performance, having previously showcased her talent in “Muskan.”

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The series not only explores the adventures of its protagonist but also introduces various characters in negative roles, adding layers of intrigue and suspense to the storyline. As the show unfolds, viewers are taken on an exciting journey filled with mystery and wonder. “Hero Gayab Mode On” has proven to be a source of entertainment and curiosity for audiences, keeping them engaged in its magical and adventurous world in the year 2024.

Hero Gayab Mode On Sabtv 2024 Overview

Name Hero Gayab Mode On
Main Cast Abhishek Nigam, Yesha Rughani and Nitesh Pandey
Genre Fantasy
Director Man Singh Manku
Producer Alind Srivastava, Sakshi Takkar and Nissar Parvez
Associate Producer Vikas Seth
DoP Sandeep Yadav
Costume Stylist Vinni Malhotra
Story Sakti Sagar Chopra
Laxmi Jayakumar
Faisal Akhtar
Screenplay Faizal Akhtar
Pallavi Mehta
Dialogue Samrat Chakravarty
Sneha Desai, Tushar Ishwar
Concept Art Harshvardhan Kadam
Reserch Utkarsh Nathani
Music Showik Chakravarti
Casting Asad Shaikh
Taran Singh
Art Director Chokas Bhardwaj
Category tv show

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Star Cast/Roles

Sr No. Role Name Real Name Role
1 Veer Abhishek Nigam HERO
2 Zara Yesha Rughani Veer’s love
3 Amal Nanda / Dansh Manish Wadhwa Veer’s father
4 Vyom Gaurav Walia Alien
5 Shukracharya Ajay Gehi Aliens commander
6 Ranjit Sidhwani Nitish Pandey Veer’s Mama
(Bindu’s husband)
7 Bindu Sidhwani Sonia Singh Veer’s Mami
(Ranjeet’s wife)
8 Bantu Abhishek Sharrma Veer’s friend
9 Rocky Sidhwani Keshav Sadhna Veer’s cousin
10 Sweety Surabhi Veer’s sister
11 Mithi Samriddhi Veer’s sister
12 Sandhya Shweta Dadhich Veer’s mother
13 —– Guneet Sharma —–
14 Vichal Kailash Topnani Alien
15 Assistant Amit Sinha Rocky’s PA
16 Shivaay Sidharth Nigam Mahadev’s bhakt

Crew & Show Makers

Director Man Singh Manku
Producer Rashmi Sharma
Story Writer Sakti Sagar Chopra, Laxmi Jayakumar & Faisal Akhtar
Dialogue Samrat Chakravarty, Sneha Desai & Tushar Ishwar
Music Director Showik Chakravarti
Cinematographer N/A
Editor N/A
Screenplay By Faizal Akhtar & Pallavi Mehta
Production Company Shashi Sumeet Production

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Story Line

The story of “Hero Gayab Mode On” is an enthralling blend of mystery, adventure, and supernatural elements. It revolves around a young man named Veer, affectionately known as Hero, who embarks on a quest to find his missing father. However, his life takes an extraordinary turn when he stumbles upon a mystical ring that bestows upon him the incredible power of invisibility. With this newfound ability, Hero explores a world where he can move unseen, uncover secrets, and right the wrongs that he encounters.

The series delves into the challenges and dilemmas Hero faces as he grapples with his newfound power and responsibilities. He must navigate a web of intriguing characters, both allies and adversaries, who become integral to the plot. Alongside this mystical journey, Hero seeks to unravel the mysteries surrounding his father’s disappearance, making the storyline not just a quest for superhuman abilities but also a poignant family saga.

“Hero Gayab Mode On” keeps viewers on the edge of their seats, offering a captivating narrative that combines elements of fantasy and adventure, all while exploring the timeless themes of courage, justice, and the unbreakable bond between a father and son.

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Timing/Repeat Telecast Time

Channel Name SAB TV
Show Timings Monday to Saturday at 8pm
Running Time 20-25 Minutes
Starting Date 7 December 2020
Repeat Telecast Time 10am
Language Hindi
Country India

How to Watch Hero Gayab Mode Serial On Sony Liv?

To watch “Hero Gayab Mode On” on SAB TV, you can follow these steps:

  1. Tune in to SAB TV: If you have a cable or satellite TV subscription, you can watch “Hero Gayab Mode On” on SAB TV at the scheduled airtime. Check your local TV listings to find the show’s timing.
  2. SAB TV Website: Some TV channels provide the option to stream their content on their official websites. Visit the SAB TV website to check if they offer a live stream or episodes of “Hero Gayab Mode On” for online viewing.
  3. SAB TV App: Download the official SAB TV app, if available, on your mobile device. These apps often allow you to watch live TV and catch up on episodes of their shows.
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Please note that the availability of live streaming or on-demand episodes may vary based on your region and the channel’s policies. Ensure that you have the necessary subscription or access permissions to watch “Hero Gayab Mode On” on SAB TV through these platforms.

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What is HERO Gayab Mode On all about?

HERO Gayab Mode On is a new TV series on SAB TV that revolves around Veer, also known as Hero, on a quest to find his father. During his journey, he acquires a magical ring that grants him the power of invisibility.

Who are the lead actors in the series?

Abhishek Nigam portrays the character of Veer/Hero. Yesha Rughani plays the role of Zara.

Is there a connection between Abhishek Nigam and Siddharth Nigam, who was the lead actor in Aladin?

Yes, Abhishek Nigam is the older brother of Siddharth Nigam, who played the lead role in the series Aladin.

When does the show HERO Gayab Mode On air on SAB TV?

HERO Gayab Mode On started airing on December 7, 2020, at the 8:00 PM time slot, following SAB TV's popular kids' show Baalveer Returns. The show later shifted to the 7:00 PM slot.

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