Khelna Bari Serial 2024, Zee Bangla Timing, Star Cast, Story, Real Name, Repeat Telecast Timing

Khelna Bari Serial – “Khelna Bari” is an Indian Bengali TV serial that aired on Zee Bangla. The show features Aratrika Maity and Biswajit Ghosh in the lead roles. It is a comedy drama produced by Zee Bangla Production House and directed by Rajendra Prasad Das. The story is written by Souvik Chakraborty, with Shaswati Ghosh handling the screenplay. The serial’s cinematography is by Biswajit Mitra, and Jesus Nath serves as the editor.

“Khelna Bari” is a lighthearted show that premiered on May 16, 2022, on Zee Bangla. The storyline revolves around Mitul, who has a passion for crafting dolls from mud and clay. She has a special bond with a child named Googly, whom she raises as her own daughter.

The serial offers a dose of comedy and drama, with Aratrika Maity and Biswajit Ghosh taking on the lead roles. For more details about the cast, story, and show timings, viewers can refer to the show’s wiki and real names on Zee Bangla’s official sources.

Khelna Bari Serial 2024

Khelna Bari” is a delightful Bengali TV serial that first graced screens in 2022 on Zee Bangla. The show has since become a beloved part of the entertainment landscape. Featuring Aratrika Maity and Biswajit Ghosh in the lead roles, it is a comedy drama that brings humor and warmth to the audience. The storyline introduces us to Mitul, a character with a unique passion for crafting dolls from mud and clay. Her life takes an interesting turn as she raises a child named Googly as her own daughter, setting the stage for a heartwarming and entertaining journey.

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The show’s blend of comedy and drama, coupled with the talented performances of its lead actors, has resonated with viewers. As the serial continues to captivate audiences, it promises to be a source of laughter, emotion, and engaging storytelling in the year 2023, further solidifying its place as a favorite among Zee Bangla’s offerings.

Khelna Bari Serial 2023

Khelna Bari Zee Bangla Serial Overview

Serial Name Khelna Bari
Serial Name In Bengali খেলনা বাড়ি
Channel Zee Bangla
Main Cast Aratrika Maity
Biswajit Ghosh
Release Date 16 May 2022
Time Slot 10:00 PM (Mon-Fri)
Category tv show

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Star Cast/Real Name

  • Aratrika Maity as Mitul Paul Lahiri
  • Biswajit Ghosh as Indrajit Lahiri aka Indra
  • Indrani Bhattacharyya as Sohag Lahiri aka Googly
  • Saptarshi Basu Roy Chowdhury as Ador Lahiri aka Shiva
  • Ashmita Chakraborty as Kothakoli Chakraborty aka Koli aka Koli
  • Neil Chatterjee as Arkadip Chakraborty aka Arka
  • Rishav Chakraborty as Subhajit Lahiri aka Subho
  • Mishmee Das as Antara
  • Sayantan Shaan Sarkar as Ronojit Lahiri aka Rono
  • Swagata Sen as Simantini Lahiri aka Simi
  • Piyali Sasmal as Alokananda Mitra Lahiri aka Aloka
  • Bristi Roy as Sristi
  • Ayendri Lavnia Roy as Anuradha Apte
  • Lopamudra Sinha as Swarnali
  • Mayna Banerjee as Susmita aka Sumi
  • Surojit Bandyopadhyay as Pulok
  • Mahi Singh as Young Sohag Lahiri aka Googly
  • Anuradha Roy as Konika Lahiri
  • Samir Biswas as Debkumar Lahiri
  • Sohan Bandhopadhyay as Sushovon Lahiri
  • Nondini Chatterjee as Debjani Lahiri
  • Anindya Chakrabarti as Palash
  • Amitava Das as Anirban
  • Avijit Deb Roy as Swapan Roy
  • Riya Ganguly as Mohini Roy
  • Tanusree Goswami as Sudensna
  • Subhosree Chakraborty as Rajashree
  • Suparna Patra as Sohini
  • Raima Sengupta as Sreetama Chowdhury
  • Sanjoy Basu as Dr. Shubobrata
  • Sabuj Barddhan as Sanchayan Chowdhury
  • Ankusree Maity as Monjusha Chowdhury
  • Animesh Bhaduri as Subrata Chowdhury
  • Rayati Bhattacharya as Manaroma Chowdhury
  • Siddhartha Ghosh as Supratip Chowdhury
  • Oliva Bhattacharya as Chandrani Chowdhury
  • Gulshanara Khatun as Rajani
  • Mosumi Kar Chatterjee as Ashima Sen
  • Sakti Kumar
  • Puja

Ikk Kudi Punjab Di Serial 2024

Story Line

The story of Mitul unfolds with a unique charm and a strong-willed spirit. Her love for crafting dolls from mud and clay is a testament to her artistic soul. Her life takes an unexpected turn when she becomes the caregiver of a child named Googly, demonstrating her boundless love and compassion.

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However, a significant plot twist occurs when Mitul crosses paths with Indrajit Lahiri, a prominent real estate businessman. As they spend more time together, a blossoming romance develops between them, adding a layer of love and complexity to the storyline.

Yet, the story takes a dramatic turn when Mitul, deeply connected to her house and land, staunchly opposes Indra’s intentions to use her property for his business endeavors. This conflict sets the stage for intriguing twists and turns, as Mitul’s unwavering determination to protect her home clashes with Indra’s professional ambitions. As the narrative unfolds, viewers are taken on a journey filled with emotions, love, and the compelling question of whether their relationship can withstand the challenges that lie ahead.

Doosri Maa Serial 2024

Timing & Repeat Telecast Timing

Show Timings
Monday to Sunday
Repeat Telecast Time
Yet to be Updated
Running Time
22 Minutes
Starting Date 16 May 2022
Final Episode

Mounaraagam Serial 2024

How to Watch Khelna Bari Serial On Zee5?

To watch the “Khelna Bari” serial on Zee5, you can follow these steps:

  1. Subscribe to Zee5: Make sure you have a subscription to Zee5. If you don’t have one, you may need to sign up for a Zee5 subscription.
  2. Visit Zee5 Website or App: Go to the Zee5 website ( or open the Zee5 mobile app on your smartphone or tablet.
  3. Search for “Khelna Bari”: In the search bar, type “Khelna Bari” and hit enter or search. This should lead you to the show’s page.
  4. Select the Show: Click on the show’s title “Khelna Bari” when you find it in the search results.
  5. Start Watching: You should be able to start watching the episodes of “Khelna Bari” on Zee5.
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Please note that the availability of the show on Zee5 may vary depending on your location and the subscription plan you have. Make sure to check the Zee5 website or app for the most up-to-date information regarding the show’s availability and any specific requirements for access.


In conclusion, watching the “Khelna Bari” serial on Zee5 is a straightforward process. By having a Zee5 subscription, you can access the show through their website or mobile app. Simply search for the show, select it, and start enjoying the episodes. Keep in mind that availability may vary depending on your location and subscription plan. Enjoy your viewing experience of this charming Bengali TV serial on Zee5!

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What is Khelna Bari, and where can I watch it?

Khelna Bari is an Indian Bengali TV serial that airs on Zee Bangla. You can watch it on Zee Bangla's television channel or through their official streaming platform.

Who are the lead actors in Khelna Bari?

Aratrika Maity and Biswajit Ghosh take on the lead roles in the show.

What genre does Khelna Bari belong to?

Khelna Bari is a comedy drama, offering a lighthearted and entertaining narrative.

What is the central theme of Khelna Bari?

The storyline of Khelna Bari revolves around Mitul, who has a unique passion for creating dolls from mud and clay, and her special bond with a child named Googly, whom she raises as her own daughter.

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