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Lisha Batta Wiki-  Lisha Batta’s biography is a captivating narrative of transformation and success in the realm of fashion and beauty blogging. From her tomboy days to becoming the esteemed owner of Heart Bows & Makeup, Lisha’s journey mirrors the aspirations of many middle-class individuals. As a self-proclaimed Traveler-Scatter Brain-Makeupholic and an Ardent Foodie, she wears multiple hats with grace and enthusiasm. Lisha has firmly established herself as a leading name in the industry, consistently staying at the forefront of fashion trends. Her evolution from the girliest girl in her group to a renowned blogger is a testament to her passion and dedication.

Lisha Batta Biography

With a deep understanding of the fashion field and years of experience, Lisha has become an expert blogger, verified across various social networking platforms. Her Instagram debut, featuring a Christmas tree decoration with the caption “Jingle all the Way,” marked the beginning of a journey that has left followers eagerly awaiting each subsequent post.

Despite her regular blog updates, Lisha’s ability to keep her audience wanting more speaks volumes about her influence and the genuine connection she has established with her followers. In essence, Lisha Batta’s biography is a tale of authenticity, passion, and continuous growth in the dynamic world of fashion and beauty blogging.

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Lisha Batta Biography

Lisha Batta Overview

Nick Name Lisha
Gender Female
YouTube Name Lisha Batta (Started in July 2020)
Age Of 2024 31 Years
Instagram @lishabatta
Birthday(DOB) 31 October 1993
Zodiac Sign Scorpio
Boyfriend Single
Hobbies/Interest Dancing, Painting
Category Wiki

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Lisha Batta Biography

Career Report’s

Lisha Batta, the owner of Heart Bows & Makeup, is a renowned fashion blogger with a fascinating journey from being a tomboy to a leading figure in the fashion and beauty blogging scene. Her story resonates with many middle-class individuals. Describing herself as a Traveler-Scatter Brain-Makeupholic and an Ardent Foodie, Lisha is not only the founder but also an active blogger at heartbowsmakeup. With a keen eye for fashion, she has evolved into a prominent name in the industry, always staying ahead in the fashion game.

Lisha’s girly inclinations were evident even in her early days, constantly keeping up with the latest global fashion trends. Her passion for fashion is palpable, and she consistently strives to meet and exceed international standards. Having accumulated a wealth of knowledge and experience over the years, Lisha has become an expert in her field. She is now a verified blogger on various social networking platforms, showcasing her influence and credibility.

Lisha’s journey began on Instagram with a post featuring her decorating a Christmas tree, accompanied by the caption “Jingle all the Way.” Since then, her followers eagerly anticipate her posts. Despite her regular updates on the blog, Lisha leaves her audience wanting more with each new post.

Physical Status

Height in feet 5 ft 4 inches (Approx.)
Weight 50 kg (Approx.)
Eye Color Black
Hair Color Brown
Home Town Delhi, India
Birth Place Delhi, India
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Lisha Batta Biography

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Family Member/Relationship

Lisha Batta is currently single and has received proposals from her followers, who admire her personality. Despite the attention, she is focused on her career and prefers not to enter into a relationship at the moment. Her primary focus is on achieving her career goals, and she values her independence.

Lisha places a high priority on her professional endeavors and is not actively seeking a romantic relationship. She wants to remain single for the time being, allowing her to concentrate on her work without any additional commitments. Although there is limited information available about her personal life, updates will be provided as more data is collected.

Despite her young age, Lisha has achieved significant success in her career and has earned admiration and pride from her parents. She attributes her success to her supportive family, expressing gratitude for their encouragement and support in pursuing her passions.

Father Uploading Soon
Mother Uploading Soon

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Education Qualification

To find the most accurate and up-to-date information regarding Lisha Batta’s education qualifications, I recommend checking her official website, social media profiles, or any recent interviews where she might have discussed her educational background.

Highest Qualification
School Name
College Name

Net Worth

Net Worth US $ 1 Million
Income Source E-Commerce Website, Blogs, Videos & Paid Promotions

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Social Media Accounts

Platform Account Handle
YouTube /c/username
TikTok @username
LinkedIn /in/username
Snapchat username
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Who is Lisha Batta?

Lisha Batta is a prominent fashion blogger and owner of Heart Bows & Makeup, a leading fashion and beauty blog. She has gained recognition for her unique style and expertise in the fashion industry.

How did Lisha Batta start her career?

Lisha Batta's journey began with her transition from being a tomboy to a renowned fashion blogger. She started her blog, Heart Bows & Makeup, where she shares insights into fashion, beauty, and lifestyle.

What are Lisha Batta's primary income sources?

Lisha Batta generates income through her e-commerce website, blogs, videos, and paid promotions. These avenues contribute to her overall net worth.

What is Lisha Batta's net worth?

Lisha Batta's net worth is estimated to be US $1 Million.

Is Lisha Batta currently in a relationship?

As of the latest information available, Lisha Batta is single and has expressed her focus on her career rather than being in a relationship.

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