Splitsvilla 14 Contestants Names, Audition Star Date, Star Cast, Eliminations, Voting How To Apply Splitsvilla 14 Online?

Splitsvilla 14 Contestants Names – MTV is back with their popular show Splitsvilla Season 14. The show’s premiere was on 12 November 2022. Splitsvilla X4 season 14 will be hosted by Sunny Leone and Arjun Bijlani while Ranvijay Singha who had hosted most of its season will now not be a part of the show. MTV is back with their popular show Splitsvilla Season 14. The show’s premiere was on 12 November 2022. Splitsvilla X4 season 14 will be hosted by Sunny Leone and Arjun Bijlani while Ranvijay Singha who had hosted most of its season will now not be hosting this season.

Splitsvilla 14 Contestants Names

We have all of the exclusive updates you need for Splitsvilla 14! We cover everyone, from the contestants to the villas. Therefore, kick back, unwind, and allow us to take you on a journey through Splitsvilla this year. We have everything, from the very first glimpse of the contestants as they arrived at the venue to the tearful reunions before the show started. The 14th season of Splitsvilla is here, and with it comes all the glamour and excitement. This season’s contestants are some of India’s most beautiful and talented individuals. The contestants, from fashion diva to beauty queen, have everything they need to impress the judges and let their freak flags fly high. But before any of that happens, let’s look at the contestants and their stories up to this point.

We are entering the Love Season! And what better way to commemorate the occasion than to indulge in all things romantic? Watching the romantic episodes of Splitsvilla 14 is one such activity that is guaranteed to make you fall in love. The show’s innovative stunts and surprises have elevated it to an entirely new level this season. This season of Splitsvilla has something for everyone, from heartbreaking betrayals to love stories. Tune in to Splitsvilla 14 if you’re a romantic at heart or just looking for some light entertainment.

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Splitsvilla 14 Contestants Names

Splitsvilla 14 Contestants Names Overview

Hosts Arjun Bijlani and Sunny Leone
Telecast Channel MTV India
Starting Date 12th November 2022
Telecast Days Saturdays and Sundays
Timings 7.00 PM
Category Entertainment

More Details of Splitsvilla

For the past few years, Rannvijay Singha has been in charge of broadcasting. There is also Sunny Leone. But there was a big change this time. Sunny will take Rannvijay’s place as host of Splitsvilla. Arjun Bijlani will do so. Additionally, the audience’s reactions were varying after learning that.

Arjun was heard declaring, “I am very excited to be a part of season 14” when discussing MTV Splitsvilla X4. Youth have always been huge fans of this show. Additionally, I adore its novel approach. I am eagerly anticipating increasing the show’s level of entertainment. The following co-host will be Sunny Leone. My fans will undoubtedly adore it.’

Splitsvilla Season 14 

Season 14 of the popular hit show Splitsvilla is back on MTV. The show debuted on November 12, 2022. Sunny Leone and Arjun Bijlani will host Splitsvilla X4 season 14, but Ranvijay Singha, who had hosted the show for most of its season, will no longer be the host. Read the entire article or the link provided below to learn more about Splitsvilla X4 season 14 if you want to read more of this kind of content.

In this season’s new twist, boys and girls have to live on separate islands called “Isle of Mars” for girls and “Isle of Venus” for boys. Isn’t it a fascinating idea with so many unanswered questions? As a result, it will be fascinating to observe the development of the game plans and the new couples over time.

Splitsvilla 14 Contestants List 2023

MTV Splitsvilla is a program that will help you become famous and make money at the same time. The candidates won’t actually be paid by the show’s producers, but the show’s recognition could lead to other opportunities in the future. In life, fame can come from many things, but television shows like Bigg Boss and MTV’s program, which features famous competitors, are some of the best ways to achieve it. A virtual audition for the upcoming Splitsvilla season will take place soon. The purpose of this audition is to select contestants for this year’s show.

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Sr No. Name Age Hometown
1 Kevin Almasifar 24 Pune, India
2 Vyomesh Koul 22 Delhi, India
3 Jay Dudhane 23 Mumbai, India
4 Samarthya Gupta 24 Jammu, India
5 Dhruv Malik 19 Punjab, India
6 Trevon Dias 25 Goa, India
7 Shivam Sharma 24 Delhi, India
8 Nikhil Malik 23 Delhi, India
9 Gary Lu 21 Dehradun, India
10 Devashish 20 Mumbai, India
11 Piyush Manwani 21 Indore, India
Sr No. Name Age Hometown
1 Samruddhi Jadhav 24 Pune, India
2 Riya Kishanchandni 22 Mumbai, India
3 Nikita Bhamidipati 19 Mumbai, India
4 Pallak Yadav 23 Chandigarh, India
5 Arushi Chib 22 Jammu, India
6 Aditi Rajput 26 Dehradun, India
7 Janvi Sikaria 27 Kolkata, India
8 Bhoomika Vashisht 24 Delhi, India
9 Avantika Sharma 24 Shimla, India
10 Azma Fallah 22 Pune, India
11 Kat Kristian 23 Assam, India
12 Shweta Nair 24 Mumbai
13 Sapna Malik 21 Chandigarh, India

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Splitsvilla 14 Auditions Starting Date

Do you want to know when the Splitsvilla 14 auditions will begin? If that’s the case, you’re in luck because we have the most recent data available! Auditioning for Splitsvilla 14 is currently scheduled to begin soon. On our website, you can learn more about the audition process and what to bring. We will be updating this page as soon as new information becomes available, so be sure to check back frequently!

Splitsvilla Season 14 Eliminations

because no specific list of the contestants who were eliminated has been made public. Therefore, you will have to wait some time before learning about the eliminations. We will definitely keep you updated on our website if the developers release any updates. If you haven’t already, go ahead and watch the show on the Voot app or simply wait for the next episode.

Splitsvilla Season 14 Voting

The fourteenth season of Splitsvilla began on November 12, 2022. The new season’s two episodes have been well received by viewers. As a result, there have been no eliminations up to this point. The beginning of the voting will be announced in the episode on MTV or Voot if you are watching it online. So, until then, enjoy Splitsvilla X4 season 14—one of your favorite shows.

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MTV Splitsvilla 14 Audition Registration Form

Are you qualified to compete on MTV Splitsvilla 14? The registration form for this year’s show is now open, and we’re looking for contestants! To register for a chance to appear on MTV Splitsvilla 14, please complete the form and submit it along with your most recent photograph and biography.

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How To Sign Up For MTV Splitsvilla 14 Audition 2022?

Contestants from all over the world are currently being sought for MTV Splitsvilla 14 Audition 2022. You will first need to sign up if you want to take part in this exciting and highly anticipated reality show. By clicking the link below, you can do so.

  • visit the official website of VOOT or download VOOT app.
  • Now Looking for audition forms for  ‘Registration For Splitsvilla X4’
  • Then Fill the form with accurate data.
  • Then Attach the proof required for registration along with the form.
  • Along with the document attach your audition video.
  • Check whether you provided your documents and video are related to the size, time and format of the same as mentioned in the form.
  • Now Click on ‘I agree’ button after reading the information, rules and regulations.
  • Then Submit the form.
  •  If you get selected the officials at MTV Splitsvilla X4 Season 14 will reach you out for further live auditions.

How To Watch MTV Splitsvilla 14 on voot?

Voot will broadcast MTV Splitsvilla 14, so if you haven’t already, now is the time to sign up! Due to the fact that some of the show’s most popular contestants will be returning to Splitsvilla this year, it is certain to be a huge success.

Simply sign in or sign up for an account on Voot and select the MTV Splitsvilla 14 channel to watch MTV Splitsvilla 14. You can watch the entire action live or on demand from there. You can also comment below or use the hashtag #MTVSplitsvilla14 on social media to join the conversation. Enjoy!

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