Top 10 Most Searched Memes In 2023 In India (Instagram memes/Reels)

Top 10 Most Searched Memes In 2023- Memes broke down language and cultural barriers, becoming a universal language of humor. In 2023, we saw some top trends in India, like complimenting with “Just looking like a wow” and using the “Moye Moye” song in awkward situations. These memes not only made us laugh but also caught the attention of celebrities. Google’s Year in Search report unveiled the top 10 memes that kept everyone entertained throughout the year.

Top 10 Most Searched Memes In 2023 In India

In 2023, India witnessed a comedic revolution as memes took center stage in our online culture. The top 10 most searched memes on Google revealed a hilarious tapestry that defined the year’s digital humor landscape. From the infectious “Just looking like a wow” trend, where compliments took a whimsical turn, to the “Moye Moye” memes that turned awkward moments into viral sensations, these digital nuggets brought joy and laughter across the nation.

As we bid farewell to 2023, these memes not only entertained but also served as a testament to the creative prowess of netizens, showcasing how humor can unite us in shared experiences. In the ever-evolving realm of online content, these memes captured our attention, sparked creativity, and etched themselves into the collective memory of the digital era.

Top 10 Most Searched Memes In 2023

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Top 10 Trending Memes in India 2023

Rank and Meme Name Month, They Were Trending
1 Bhupendra Jogi meme October
2 So Beautiful, So Elegant meme October
3 Moye Moye meme November
4 Aayein meme October
5 Aukat Dikha Di meme November
6 Ohio meme March
7 The Boys meme January
8 Elvish Bhai meme October
9 The Waffle House New Host meme January
10 Smurf Cat meme September

The Bhupendra Jogi meme

The top-searched meme on Google in 2023 is the Bhupendra Jogi meme, which gained popularity on Instagram Reels and X (formerly known as Twitter). The meme originated in 2018 when Bhupendra Jogi claimed that Madhya Pradesh’s roads were better than those in America. When asked about the places he visited in the States, Jogi cleverly dodged the question by stating his full name instead of naming the places. This amusing exchange led to the creation of the viral meme. In 2023, former Madhya Pradesh chief minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan recreated this viral content, adding to its continued popularity.

So beautiful, So elegant’ meme

The internet was abuzz a few months ago with the phrase, “So beautiful, so elegant, just looking like a wow!” This catchy line came from sales agent Jasmeen Kaur, who used it to pitch her clothing. Her descriptions of colors like ‘Laddu Peela,’ ‘mouse color,’ and ‘Kaleji color’ added to the charm. This Indian meme gained immense popularity, even catching the attention of celebrities like Deepika Padukone. Yashraj Mukhate, a composer and YouTuber, turned Kaur’s sales pitch into a catchy song remix.

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Claiming the second spot on the top 10 memes of the year, this viral reel has become a sensation. From content creators like Dolly Singh to celebrities like Deepika Padukone and Sanya Malhotra, everyone has joined the bandwagon at some point. Jasmeen Kaur’s unique way of advertising her salwar suits collection on Instagram, especially with the “so beautiful, so elegant” phrase, turned her into an overnight sensation across social media platforms.

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Moye Moye meme

The ‘Moye Moye‘ trend emerged as one of the top Indian memes this year. The catchy tune originated from the chorus of the song ‘Džanum’ by Serbian singer Teya Dora. Initially popularized on TikTok, it quickly spread across various platforms, giving rise to countless memes, parodies, and humorous dance reels. The internet, in a delightful mix-up, mistook the song’s words ‘Moje More’ (pronounced as ‘Moye More’) as ‘Moye Moye,’ and the trend took off, even drawing participation from the Delhi Police.

Teya Dora’s Serbian song ‘Moye More’ gained massive popularity in India, transcending TikTok boundaries. On Instagram reels, where characters were humorously portrayed with missing body parts, the song’s originally serious lyrics took a comical turn. Clips from movies, such as a scene from the 1975 film Sholay where a character recounts losing his arms to a dacoit, were creatively adapted with the ‘Moye Moye’ tune as the background audio.

Despite being a newcomer in India’s meme scene, the ‘Moye Moye’ trend, rooted in the somber song by Teya Dora, secured the third spot among the top 10 memes of 2023. Notably, actor Ayushmann Khurrana even joined the trend during a Delhi concert, delighting the crowd with his rendition of the lyrics. The meme’s popularity reached such heights that even the Delhi Police incorporated it into a road safety campaign on X.

Aayein meme

Aditya Kumar, a sixth-grade student from Bihar, became a meme sensation when asked about his favorite subject during an interview. His response, “Aayein,” went viral, showcasing his perfect imitation of colloquial language and adding a cultural touch to the meme world.

The story unfolded when a journalist inquired about his favorite subject, and Kumar hilariously replied with “Aayein,” meaning “Pardon, please?” in a colloquial manner. The confusion continued when he misunderstood “subject” for “sabji” (vegetable) and replied with “Baingan” (eggplant). The interaction, filled with cultural nuances and humor, quickly became one of India’s top trending memes.

According to search engine data, the meme garnered high searches in Delhi, Chhattisgarh, Jharkhand, Madhya Pradesh, and Odisha, solidifying its place as a viral internet sensation.

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Aukat Dikha Di meme

Aukat Dikha Di” has become a popular way to express surprise and unexpected revelations with humor. This trending meme, featuring a clip from Tamil superstar Suriya’s movie, uses the audio of the Bhojpuri song “Dafa 406” by Chhotu Shikari. It resonates with people by capturing the relatable essence of surprise, keeping the laughter flowing.

Whether you were let down by someone or experienced an unexpected turn of events, this meme is the perfect humorous response. The video typically shows a scene from the Tamil film Aayitha Ezhuthu (2004), where Suriya’s character Michael Vasanth enters the Parliament and is welcomed by Bharathiraja’s character Selva Nayagam. Suriya’s subtle smile and hand on the shoulder in response to the welcome are paired with the Bhojpuri song “Dafa 406” to create the meme with the text ‘Aukat Dikha Di.’

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Ohio meme

The ‘Can’t even X in Ohio‘ or ‘Only in Ohio’ meme became popular earlier this year, landing at #6 on the top 10 memes with high Google searches. It originated from a 2016 joke when a social media account shared a bus announcement board saying “Ohio will be eliminated.” In this meme trend, people share quirky photos and videos with captions like “only in Ohio” or “can’t even, in Ohio.” The phrase adds humor and satire, poking fun at Ohio and its residents while celebrating the state’s unique and distinctive character.

The trend started in 2016 when a social media account shared the humorous bus announcement. Recently, it resurfaced, with obscure images and strange videos being captioned with “Only in Ohio.” These meme creations playfully suggest that Ohio is a peculiar place where monsters and strange things reside. While the trend had its beginnings a few years ago, it gained significant traction in 2022 and has continued to be a notable meme, earning a spot on Google’s Year In Search 2023 list.

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Boys meme

The Boys meme originated from fans of the superhero TV show called “The Boys.” Reels based on this meme typically showcase male friends engaging in playful and mischievous activities in various situations.

The song “Bones” by Imagine Dragons takes a humorous turn thanks to Indian meme creators, making it incredibly entertaining. This trending meme uses the song’s chorus in funny situations, highlighting the classic idea that “boys will be boys.” The reels often conclude with bold red text saying “The Boys.”

Whether turning a serious situation into a laughter-filled experience or playing lighthearted pranks, these memes have the power to lift any mood. The best part is their relatability, making them enjoyable for everyone.

Elvish Bhai meme

The Elvish Bhai meme originated from a fan of YouTuber and Big Boss OTT winner Elvish Yadav. In the viral clip, the fan enthusiastically says, “Arrey Elvish bhai ke aage koi bol sakta hai kya.” This energetic fan reaction created a significant buzz on various social media platforms, making it one of the most popular Indian memes this year.

YouTuber Elvish Yadav, known for winning Bigg Boss OTT season 2 (2023), has gained nationwide fans. However, he became even more popular as the catalyst for a viral meme trend on platforms like Instagram and X.

It all began when a fan expressed excitement on camera with the words, “Arrey Elvish Bhai ke agey koi bol sakta hai kya.” The fan’s lively energy and cheering took over the internet, inspiring creators to unleash their creativity using the audio.

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The Waffle House New Host meme

The ‘Waffle House Has Found Its New Host‘ meme took the internet by storm in early 2023. YouTuber Jonny RaZeR initiated the trend by asking his followers to comment this phrase on random videos, regardless of their content, as a prank to gaslight the internet. The comments quickly spread across platforms like TikTok and YouTube, and some people continued the trend without knowing its origin.

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This unexpected viral meme, ranked #9 among Google’s top 10 memes of 2023, started when Jonny RaZer prompted his followers to leave the same comment on every YouTube video they watched, using the phrase “The Waffle House has found its new host.”

The trend gained momentum, leaving the internet puzzled. Although RaZer initially planned to start the trend on January 31, his followers kicked it off earlier. As the trend grew beyond his control, RaZer encouraged fans to create their own versions, make videos speculating on the phrase’s meaning, and even tip their local Waffle House servers generously. Despite RaZer’s request for fans to delete the comments and pretend nothing happened, undoing the widespread impact of the meme proved to be a challenging task.

Smurf Cat meme

The Smurf Cat meme features a comical portrayal of a cat that looks like a blue smurf with a mushroom hat, often seen walking with a snail on its back. The meme includes the Alan Walker song “The Spectre” playing in the background, specifically the lyrics “We live, we love, we lie.” It creates a humorous contrast between the serious tone of the song and the cat’s amusing appearance. Originating as a TikTok meme, it quickly gained widespread popularity on the internet, securing its place as the final entry on Google’s list of the top 10 most Googled memes for the Year in Search 2023.

This distinctive blue cat, known with the hashtag “#шайлушай” (“Shailushai” in English), originated in Russia. The character wears a mushroom hat and is often seen trotting around a tree with a snail, resembling a smurf. Some videos featuring the Smurf Cat meme also include Alan Walker’s “The Spectre” playing in the background. As reported by News18, the Smurf cat has not only taken over various social media platforms but has also made appearances in games like Roblox and Minecraft. The character was initially sketched in 2014 by artist and NFT creator Nate Hallinan.

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What is the Smurf Cat meme?

The Smurf Cat meme is a comical portrayal of a cat resembling a blue smurf with a mushroom hat. Often seen walking with a snail on its back, the meme gained popularity for its quirky contrast with the serious tone of the Alan Walker song The Spectre playing in the background.

Where did the Smurf Cat meme originate?

The meme originated in Russia with the hashtag #шайлушай Shailushai in English. The character is a blue cat wearing a mushroom hat, trotting around a tree with a snail, resembling a smurf.

When did the Smurf Cat meme gain popularity?

The meme gained significant buzz after starting as a TikTok meme and quickly spreading across various social media platforms. It became the final entry on Google's list of the top 10 most Googled memes for the Year in Search 2023.

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