WWE Wrestlemania 35 Results 2019 Matches, Live Stream, Prediction,

WWE Wrestlemania 35 Results, 2019 Matches, Live Stream, Prediction:- Only a few Nights are left for Wrestlemania 2019 and Today we are discussing this special PPV. Most of you are already familiar with the Match Card of biggest Wrestling event in the world. People Do Know that Triple H Carrier is underline this year as he is going to fight with Batista this year. There is some match which you will miss out of which Superstar like Braun Strowman and John Cena are on the top. Biggest legend of Wrestlemania Undertaker will also not present this year Due to age factor he decided to left WWE. Recently he posts something about his health on Instagram ahead of Wrestlemania which sure that it is Quite Hard to Undertaker to come back in Wrestlemania. So take a look at the full report about Wrestlemania 35 which you may wait for.

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WWE Wrestlemania 35 Results,
Matches, Prediction, Live Stream

Before talking about the Prediction of Wrestlemania we would like to give you a quick overview of the List of Match which will Happen this year. There are five Big matches this year which will Happen in Wrestlemania 2019 and most of them are best.

  1. Triple H Vs Batista:-

14th Time World Champion Triple H Will now take on Batista this year. In Monday Night raw when Batista said Triple h won’t able to beat me till now in any grand stage both of them collide with each other. We all know that in Wrestlemania 21 Triple h loss the match against Batista but at present situation is far different. Batista said that i will fight triple h only when if he agree with my terms and condition. What Batista actually want is triple h carrier will be over if he loss this time against Batista. Now at present both these superstars are planning to beat each other.

Winner Prediction:- Triple H

Not Just audience but Vince Mcmahon also Wants to see Triple H as a Winner of this match.

If Triple H Loss the Match He won’t able to Fight in the ring again.

2. Brock Lesnar vs Seth Rollins

Rollins got a great opportunity after winning a royal rumble match against brock lesnar. This year in Wrestlemania he got a chance to be Universal champion but he has to beat Brock lesnar. Both these superstars always speak against each other. Seth Rollins doesn’t have the ability to step in the ring against beast but as he won the royal rumble match so it is obvious that he will get a chance against Brock Lesnar.

Winner Prediction:- Brock Lesnar

From the Past four years, Brock Win most of the Matches especially Wrestlemania, Last year We Notice that Brock lesnar Beat Roman Reigns in one on one match and Now this year he could win Over Seth rollins.

Fans are also want Brock lesnar to Win

3. Ronda Rousey vs. Becky Lynch vs. Charlotte Flair:-

One of the biggest matches which everyone is waiting for these days is Ronda Rousey, Vs Charlotte Flair vs Becky Lynch. From the past few months, WWE Focus more on female Wrestler instead of Male. A few weeks ago Ronda Rousey came to Monday Night raw with her husband Travis brown.

Both of them attract security person when they were in the arena. Now on this Sunday, it will be Good to Know who will win the championship match. In My opinion, Ronda Rousey Could Win the title Match for the Women Championship. Some reports also told that she May leave the WWE after Wrestlemania 35 but that’s not true actually. Triple threat matches always awesome but it is hard to predict how will win the championship match.

Winner Prediction:- Ronda Rousey

At Present Ronda Rousey is the new attraction of the WWE, She does not just make the previous PPV Entertaining but Public is also focusing more on her.

Being a UFC Champion there are High chances that Ronda Rousey Can Win this Triple Threat Match.

WWE Wrestlemania 2019 Results, Matches

4. Roman Reigns Vs Drew Mcintyre

Initially, There is a big Question mark for Roman reigns returns for Wrestlemania 35 but recently in Monday Night, raw Roman accept the Challenge of Drew Mcintyre which make the whole crowd super excited. Last year we notice that in single championship match Roman got beaten by Brock Lesnar but this year story might be different. As Drew is a new challenger in front of Roman reigns so the public is super excited to watch both these superstars in the same ring. Come to Prediction of this Match there are chances that Roman can easily beat Drew with a Superman punch.

Winner Prediction:- Roman Reigns

Both Drew and Roman are one of the best Superstars these day from Raw Band. People are expecting that Roman Reigns can easily win the fight against Drew Mcintyre.

5. Kurt angle vs baron corbin

After giving an awesome Match on previous WrestleMania Show audience are expecting a great ending from this match. As this is the farewell match for Kurt Angle so Public expecting that Kurt Angle can easily win this Match. His fans might get emotional when he will walk off to the arena. Angle announce his retirement in Monday Night raw.

Winner Prediction:- Kurt Angle

Saddest News which is coming from the center is that Kurt angle will retire from wwe after this match. This really make the audience sad that Kurt will not Play after Wrestlemania 35.

On his last match Kurt surely perform well but

6. AJ Styles vs. Randy Orton:-

The Viper Randy Orton is ready to face Aj Styles this year, Orton haven’t com petite in Mania from the past few years but There are Lot of chances that he could make a Good return to Wrestling world. His opponent Aj Style is ready this time to face Randy Orton in one on one match. Aj Styles always one of the awesome finisher of One on one matches. Both of them had already signed the Wrestlemania contact now it is interesting to see who gonna win.

  • Winner Prediction:- Randy Orton
  • It is little hard to Predict the winner of this Match, However we are expecting that Randy Orton could win the Fight but let’s see What Will Happen

3 Reason Why Wrestlemania 35 Will Be Super Awesome this year

  • This April Going to be even bigger Because of few reasons and most of them are mention below.
  • First reason is that Ronda Rousey is Performing This year In Wrestlemania 35. A Triple Threat Match May make the Championship Much bigger than expected.

7. Buddy Murphy (c) vs. Tony Nese

For the Cruiserweight Championship Buddy Murphy going to face Tony Nese this year. Currently, Buddy Murphy have the Cruiserweight title but on April 7th 2019 it will be Sure how will be the Upcoming Champion for this title match. Reports claim that if Tony Nese won the title match this year then it may be possible that both of them will face each other in Summerslam 2019.

Winner Prediction:- Tony Nese

For this match, we can’t say who gonna win the title match. Currently we are predicting that Tony Nese could easily win the Championship title but we have to wait for the final report to come

WWE Wrestlemania 35 Live Stream 2019

If you like to see the live stream Online then you can connect to us. However, you can also bring WWE Network Streaming package online but On our official site, you can watch the full Live stream without any cost. To Know more You can stay connected with us. Many great matches will going to happen this year and we can’t just wait to see all of them now.

8. André the Giant Memorial Battle Royal:-

In the last Few years One thing which remain common the Wrestlemania is Battle royal match. More than 20 men will fight in a battle royal match this year in Wrestlemania. This year you will see Superstars likeBrawn Strowman, Shelton Benjamin and many others in the same ring. Unfortunately there is no Space for John Cena this year in Wrestlemania which really disappoint his fans.

Winner Prediction:- As more than 20 Men are Will fight together in the same ring so no one can’t Predict about the exact result.

9. Shane Mcmahon vs the Miz:-

During the Monday Night, Raw Episode both Miz and Shane Mcmahon Face each other. On March 11 WWE Chairman decides to have a match between these two. Miz isn’t Performing well in the ring for a long but it will be good to see both of them in the same ring. On the other hand, Shane Mcmahon performance in Wrestlemania always World’s apart. He is not just a Vice Chairman of WWE but also a good Superstar in the ring. In Wrestlemania 32 we have seen him jumping from the steel cage and fighting undertaker in one on one match.

Winner Prediction:- The Miz

Shane Always a great performer in Wrestlemania and this year we are also expect more from him. There are less Probability that the Miz to win the fight.

2019 WWE Wrestlemania Results

10 Samoa Joe (c) vs. Rey Mysterio:-

A few Weeks back Samoa Joe become the United State Champion in one on one Match. Now His title Is Underline as Ry Mysterio is ready to face him in No disqualification match up. Rey Mysterio is a former United State Champion, Now it will be interesting to see Will they both able to entertain the audience or not.

Winner Prediction:- Rey Mysterio

There are few matches which are little hard to predict and this one is also one of those match. Rey Mysterio still look the same as he look few years back but let’s see what will be Happen.

11. Bobby Lashley (c) vs. Finn Balor

A few Months ago when Undertaker returns was not confirmed Public were expecting that Finn Balor may face Undertaker this Year in Wrestlemania But WWE Plan was much different than this. Finn Balor Performance in the Previous Pay per Views was Just amazing. Talk About Bobby Lashley, he returns to WWE after a long time and Now it is interesting to see Who is going to win this title Match. Being a fan of Bobby Lashley I Personally want excited to See this Matchup.

Winner:- Finn Balor

To see the Previous performances of Finn Balor we have to say that he May win this year. This will be a great match for both these superstars.

12. Daniel Bryan (c) vs. Kofi Kingston

Some Matches like Daniel vs Kofi were final few days back. Bryan returns to Wrestlemania after a long. Most of us saw him after years, We do know that time when Bryan team up with Aj Lee and Fight with Sheamus. This Single Championship will also going to be much Unique this year. The audience will see One on one after a long, We have seen Kofi Kingston in a tag team match but it time to see One on one Single Championship match.

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