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May I Come In Madam (Season 2) – The popular sitcom show “May I Come In Madam” is making a long-awaited return to television with its second season. The upcoming season is set to air on the Star Bharat channel. Although the release date and timing for “May I Come In Madam 2” are yet to be announced, eager viewers will need to wait a bit for more information. Since the promotional content hasn’t been released yet, it remains uncertain who will be cast in the lead roles. However, there are sources suggesting that the original cast might reprise their roles for this season. Nehha Pendse is expected to play the role of Sanjana Hiteshi, the madam, while Sandeep Anand will portray Sajan Agarwal. Sapna Sikarwar will be seen as Kashmira Agarwal, Sajan’s wife, and Anup Upadhyay is returning to play Nehha’s father in the show.

Additionally, Vipin Hero has been booked to play the role of Bhupesh. Previously, this role was portrayed by Deepesh Bhen, who has unfortunately passed away. It’s worth noting that the channel has not officially confirmed the cast, leaving room for possible changes. Nehha’s return to television with “May I Come In Madam S2” marks her comeback after her previous appearance in “Bhabhi Ji Ghar Pe Hein.” Similarly, Vipin Hero’s role in the show follows his previous role in “Jijaji Chaat Pe Hein.” As the new season unfolds, viewers can look forward to a detailed and engaging storyline, intriguing twists, exciting spoilers, written updates, and insights into the show’s TRPs. With “May I Come In Madam Season 2” on Star Bharat, fans can anticipate a mix of entertainment and anticipation as the show progresses.

May I Come In Madam (Season 2) 2024

In a highly anticipate return, the belove sitcom “May I Come In Madam” is gearing up for its second season in 2023. After a significant hiatus, the show is making its comeback to television screens, and fans couldn’t be more excited. Set to be aired on the Star Bharat channel, “May I Come In Madam Season 2” promises to deliver another dose of laughter, humor, and light-hearted entertainment. While the release date and timing of the new season have yet to be unveiled, the anticipation is building among the audience. Although details about the upcoming storyline, twists, and character dynamics remain under wraps, there are rumors that some of the original cast members will reprise their roles, ensuring a familiar and endearing connection with the viewers.

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Nehha Pendse, known for her versatile acting, is expect to shine once again as Sanjana Hiteshi, the madam. Sandeep Anand, renown for his comedic prowess, is set to bring Sajan Agarwal’s character back to life. The return of Anup Upadhyay as Nehha’s father, along with Sapna Sikarwar as Kashmira Agarwal, adds to the excitement of seeing the ensemble cast in action. As fans eagerly await the promotional content and official announcements, “May I Come In Madam (Season 2) 2023” offers a delightful promise of the familiar camaraderie, witty dialogues, and amusing situations that made the show a hit in its previous season. With the Star Bharat channel as its platform, this upcoming season is poise to capture the hearts of viewers once again, providing a much-need dose of humor and entertainment in the year ahead.


May I Come In Madam (Season 2) Overview

Aspect Details
Show Name May I Come In Madam (Season 2)
Genre Sitcom, Comedy
Channel Star Bharat
Release Year 2023
Lead Cast Nehha Pendse as Sanjana Hiteshi (Madam)
Sandeep Anand as Sajan Agarwal
Supporting Cast Anup Upadhyay as Nehha’s Father
Sapna Sikarwar as Kashmira Agarwal (Sajan’s wife)
Vipin Hero as Bhupesh
  • Expect to continue the comedic escapades and hilarious situations of the characters in the workplace and personal lives.
Release Date & Timing Yet to be announce
Promotional Content Awaited, no official promo release yet
Returning Cast Some of the original cast members are expect to reprise their roles.
Anticipated Elements Laughter, humor, witty dialogues, light-heart entertainment.
Audience Expectation Enthusiasm for the return of the show’s belove characters and comedic scenarios.
Unique Selling Point Rekindling the memorable chemistry and comic timing between characters.
Category tv show

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May I Come in Madam Season 2 Start Date

The second season of “May I Come in Madam?” was originally set to premiere in March. However, due to the outbreak of the coronavirus, the show’s creators decide to delay its release. The confirm air date for Season 2 is expect to be in June.

Keep an eye on this page for the official announcement of the starting date. You can also watch the full episodes of “May I Come in Madam” Season 2 on Hostar. Stay connect here to stay update with the latest information about the new TV show and find out about audition details for upcoming reality shows.

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Star Cast:-

  • Nehha Pendse as Sanjana Hiteshi
  • Sandeep Anand as Sajan Agarwal
  • Sapna Sikarwar as Kashmira Agarwal
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May I Come in Madam Season 2 Plot/Story Line 2023

In the initial season of “May I Come in Madam,” the story revolve around Sajan, who became infatuated with his charming boss, Sanjana. Despite being married to Kashmira, Sajan found himself captivate by Sanjana’s allure and made various attempts to catch her attention. Meanwhile, Sajan’s wife, Kashmira, often troubled him with her actions. “May I Come in Madam” Season 2 continues to weave a lighthearted and comical narrative that keeps viewers engage in a tapestry of laughter and amusing situations. Building on the foundation of its predecessor, this new season ventures into the escapades of Sajan and his interactions with the world around him.

Set in a quirky office environment, the storyline navigates through the humorous trials and tribulations face by Sajan, a married man who finds himself entangle in amusing circumstances. His fondness for his boss, Sanjana, still remains, leading to a series of hilarious attempts to impress her. Sajan’s charming yet clumsy efforts to gain her attention add a delightful touch to the narrative. In the backdrop of Sajan’s endearing antics, his wife Kashmira continues to provide a comic foil with her idiosyncrasies. Her amusing antics and distinctive behavior contribute to the show’s comedic dynamics, adding layers of humor to each episode.

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May I Come in Madam” Season 2 keeps alive the essence of situational comedy, exploring the quirky relationships and interactions within the office and personal spheres. The chemistry between characters, the witty dialogues, and the unpredictability of their actions promise to deliver a fresh dose of laughter and entertainment to the audience. As the season unfolds, viewers can expect a blend of relatable scenarios and exaggerate comic situations, making it a delightful choice for those seeking a good laugh.

All Episodes

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In conclusion, the anticipation surrounding the return of popular TV shows like “May I Come in Madam?” Season 2 reflects the enduring appeal of engaging storytelling and relatable characters. As viewer eagerly await the unfolding of the new season, the postponement due to the pandemic highlights the challenges faced by the entertainment industry. However, the resilience of the makers to adapt and reschedule the release demonstrates their commitment to delivering quality content.

With the reassurance that the confirm air date will be announce soon, fans can look forward to reuniting with their favorite characters and indulging in the light heart humor and comedic situations that the show is known for. The availability of full episodes on platforms like Hostar further enhances the convenience of enjoying the show at one’s own pace.


When was the second season of May I Come in Madam? initially schedule to be release?

The second season of May I Come in Madam? was initially set to go on air in the month of March.

Why was the release of May I Come in Madam? Season 2 postpone?

The release of the second season was postpone due to the outbreak of the coronavirus, which affect the production and scheduling of the show.

When is the confirm air date for May I Come in Madam? Season 2 now expect?

The confirm air date for Season 2 is expect to be in the month of June.

Where can I watch the full episodes of May I Come in Madam? Season 2?

You can watch the full episodes of May I Come in Madam? Season 2 on Hostar.

Will the starting date be update on a specific page after the official announcement?

Yes, the starting date for the second season will be update on a designate page after the official announcement.

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