Windows 12 Release Date 2024, ISO File Expected Size, Features, Update 11 To 12, How To Install?

Windows 12 Release Date- We have been using Windows software on our computers for a long time. The most recent version is Windows 11. Windows 11 was released in 2021 and it is the latest version of Windows software. The craze for new versions of software is more popular among young people. This is because they are the ones who are using the software the most and are the most likely to want a new version.

It is speculated that Microsoft will release a new version of Windows soon. This new version is called Windows 12. Please join us and let us know about the Windows 12 Release Date, ISO File Expected Size, Features, Requirements and further details. They are mentioned in the article. We would love to have you join us and educate us about these topics. So, please read and get ready for an update for your PC.

Windows 12 Release Date 2023

Windows 10 was released on July 29, 2015, and Windows 11 came out six years later on Oct. 5, 2021. Microsoft recently released the first major update for Windows 11 — Windows 12 version 22 H2 — but there is already talk of the next big update for Windows which could come out in around six years time. . Earlier versions of Windows used to have big updates every year. But, Microsoft has changed that now. They are going for smaller updates every three years instead. This new approach to Windows releases is similar to how Windows used to be before Windows 10. The big updates were gone, and instead there were smaller ones that came more often. Microsoft hasn’t officially announced a new version of Windows.

They’re just downplaying reports about it. Although Windows 12 may not have been announced yet, we know that it exists and it is a new version of Windows. 1. Windows updates are important for the company, and they want to make sure that everyone is getting the latest and greatest updates. The company will be releasing smaller updates for Windows 11, rather than one large update. This will make sure that everyone is kept up to date on all the changes that are happening with Windows 11. Windows 11 was a new operating system released by Microsoft. It is still being developed and may have future updates. Although Windows 11 is not finished yet, it’s a good idea to keep an eye on it in case there are more updates released in the future.

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Windows 12 Release Date Overview

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When Will Be Windows 12 Released?

Windows 10 is set to be replaced by Windows 11 in the next few years.  Windows 11 is set to be released in 2024, around three years after Windows 10 was released. We don’t have much information at the moment, so that’s all we have. We might not have any more information for a while, so be patient. Windows 12 is expected to be released in the fall, or at least in the second half of the year, if previous releases are any guide.

Although Microsoft has denied rumors that it is working on Windows 12, the fact that its release is still a ways off suggests that the company may simply be keeping its cards close to its chest. If previous releases are any indication, Windows 12 is anticipated to be released in the fall, if not earlier. Even though Microsoft has denied that it is working on Windows 12, the fact that it is still a ways off suggests that the company may just be keeping its cards close to its chest.

If you are a member of the Windows Insider Program, you might start to see Windows 12 features gradually over the next two years. Microsoft is likely to continue referring to these features as Windows 11 features until the release date is much closer. However, not all of the features in the Insider Program will be included in Windows 12, as many of them will be made available via smaller updates; however, some of them may be intended for a future release. However, until the release of Windows 12 gets closer, we might not see any exclusive features. After all, until it was almost finished, Windows 11 was a fairly well-kept secret.

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Update Windows 12 from windows 11

Most of the time, the operating system will check for updates on its own and tell you about them. However, you can also manually check for any pending new updates to force it to update to Windows 12. Simply enter the Windows configuration and select the Windows Update section to accomplish this. There are some options related to updates in the “More options” section further down. In the event that something goes wrong, you can, for instance, temporarily pause the updates or examine the history of the most recent ones to determine which one you received. You also have advanced options for changing things like the times you want to receive updates.

Windows 12 ISO File

After downloading the Windows 12 ISO file, you will need to bury it in a place w

here it will not be disturbed. The Windows 12 ISO file will require up to 9 to 10 GB of storage space on your computer. You will need to make sure that your PC meets all the required specifications before downloading and running the update. Windows 12 comes with a disc image or ISO file that can be used to install and reinstall the Windows software. The makers of Windows will make sure that the news about Windows 12 is updated on their official site. Additionally, users can follow other users’ social handles to stay up to date on the latest information about Windows 12.

Windows 12 Features

Windows 12 will have new features that are not announced yet. The makers are working hard to improve the OS with this new version. Windows 12 is a new version of Windows that is being developed by the makers. It has not been officially announced yet, but we can expect many new features in it.

  • It will provide a New User Interface/UI. It might have a floating taskbar.
  • It will be designed to work for both touch and keyboard users.
  • We can expect a new volume husband more exciting desktop widgets.
  • The Control panel will be merged in the Settings tab.
  • It might eliminate the problem of installing the Android through the amazon app. we might be able to do this through the APK files.
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Windows 12 Expected Size

On your personal computers, Windows 12 cannot be updated right now, but you can always prepare early. The public will be able to test an insider preview build that the company will release. You can also get that online to download. A few months prior to the official software release, it will be made available. Based on Microsoft’s previous updates, it will probably be free for 11-version users. To be downloaded, the new version will need enough space.

New Windows 12 ISO Requirements

Despite this, we all want to upgrade our system to the most recent version. However, certain requirements apply to your system. You need not worry if your system has all of the aforementioned features. You will only need to update to the new version on the same PC whenever the new version comes out.

  • One Microsoft account to setup
  • Your existing PC shall have 8GB of RAM
  • To download the new version ensures 64 GB storage
  • and a 64-BIT processor.
  • Check your PC has a 1 GHz CP

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